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  • Of Food And Love: Reading with my children

    Along with noodles, music and adventures, reading is something our family could not ever live without.  Unfortunately, we don’t read as much as I remember when I was younger, but it’s definitely a vital thread in our family’s tapestry.

    A couple nights ago I took my babies to the library for the first time in a long time.  Now that Cy is in school, we don’t go every day just to sit amongst the books and smell the aroma of knowledge.
    Baby girl and I play dollies and sing to each other here at the house.  She loves sitting down with her princess books and dancing to her princess music.  It’s a whole different, pink, tutu, ballerina slipper world with this child.

    But as of late, I’ve been on the hunt for good books that Cy and I can read together.  He’s on the verge of being able to take off and read all on his own, but not quite.  I wanted to find a book with length, that wasn’t full of pictures, but had a few illustrations, as he is only 5 5 and a half (he would correct me if he saw this).  I really, REALLY want to read him Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Like, bad.
    That was one of my favorites.  I feel like he’s still a little too young to be able to sit through it.  Maybe not, maybe I’m overreacting.  Either way, on Tuesday evening I stumbled on the most amazing little series of books by Geronimo Stilton.  A mouse.  He writes fantastic little adventures with just the right amount of illustrations and a great story line.
    My son is obsessed with spooky things.  He loves scaring people, dressing up in gnarly wigs, wearing fake teeth…the whole 9 yards.  So, I looked through the collection and found their Halloween book.  He’s hooked!

    It’s a fear of mine that I will lose my children to the age of technology.  That they will be unable to use the original computer — their minds.  We have a wonderful collection of dvds for them.  Word World, Curious George, claymations…all wonderful learning tools, but I don’t want them to lose the connection with reality, with the pages between their fingers and vivid lands that emerge in the mindscapes of their heads.  I used to run away in those hills.  There is so much our minds can do and they’ll never know the half if I don’t show them the way.

    So, here’s to Geronimo Stilton and all the wonderful adventures we’re about to embark on with him!
    Here, here

    My older three LOVE Geronimo Stilton and I believe they’ve read every one that is out thus far. On trips, we’ve even listened to the audio. Another great one, “Mouse and the Motorcycle” with a mouse named, Ralph. I think it has a sequel too. Hilarious! Oh also, “Hank the Cowdog”…oh my! So, funny! Reading..oh the places you’ll go! Awesome job, momma!

    I am the same way- reading is a must in my household. This habit will hopefully carry with them for the rest of their lives.


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