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  • MIY Deco: Decoupage Easter Eggs

    Oh my! These are adorable.  Kari does it again. I honestly wish I could think of this stuff like she does!

    Ahhhhh for once in my life I am EARLY for a holiday! Perhaps, it is due to my opposition to Valentine’s Day…however, regardless, we have Easter eggs accentuating our dining table chandelier and I am very glad!
    For this project you will need as many eggs as you desire completely emptied and dried. I happened to purchase mine through Hearthsong which is a children’s art and toy catalog company. I got goose eggs which are delightfully huge. If you prefer to empty your own regular eggs then more power to you! I have never done that so I chose not to venture and flop on that endeavor.
    Once you have your eggs ready, you will need kitchen twine, (one of my favorite craft staples) a few packages of whimsical napkins, mod podge, a paintbrush, and some scissors.
    Begin by roughly estimating the size of napkin piece you will need to cover your egg. It doesn’t have to be precise or perfect. Patterned napkins I found were a bit more difficult to wrap with; however, since I’m not a perfectionist and to me the hodge podge look adds character, I didn’t sweat making the napkin fit perfectly.
    Next, lightly coat the egg with the mod-podge with your paintbrush. I have a nice fat watercolor brush I use.
    Then, roll the napkin around the egg and sort of fold the ends around the top, using the paintbrush with mod-podge to lay them down. Here, again the patterns can be a little disturbing but don’t let that bother you. You could experiment with solid colors and various layers as well but I stuck with just the single patterned napkin for this project.
    Once the napkin is thoroughly saturated with the mod-podge, use your fingers to smooth the egg and remove bubbles. The napkin becomes quite delicate and tears easily at this point but don’t let that bother you!
    After you are satisfied with the smoothing process, set the egg somewhere to dry touching as little surfaces as possible. I used the rim of a….mason jar! (My, don’t mason jars come in handy!)
    After the egg is dried, take a piece of the kitchen twine and cut it to a length twice the length plus 2 inches of your desired finished product. (for example if you want your egg to drop 10 inches, cut the twine 20 inches plus 2) Then tie a knot in the twine with the two cut ends together. Tie another knot making the knot fatter, and maybe a third time. Once the knots are formed, dip the tails and knot into mod podge and feed them into the hole in your egg. Then carefully stuff the knot inside the hole also. Let this dry.
    Then you can either leave the eggs plain or you could tie a bow or ribbon around their tops. I chose to leave mine plain.
    I have more eggs to do…after I have enough for my chandelier, I plan to make some without the hanging strings to place in a dish on the coffee table! Cute cute cute!!! Happy Easter everyone!

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