20 Mar 2012, 9:08am
Of Food and Love running:


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  • Of Food And Love: Washington D.C Trip after the race

    So after running half naked, I was exhausted.   The human body is so amazing, I have no idea how I was able to stay on my feet and think straight after that run.  My emotions were all over the place, disbelief being the main one and I was so happy my family was there to be part of this huge accomplishment.

    Let me rewind to the day before the race.

    Online, I am a part of a wonderful support group of running mothers: HERE.  One of those mothers saw that the D.C Rock ‘N’ Roll was going to be my first and that I was essentially running it alone.  She offered to change her corral number so we could be next to each other.  I was ecstatic.  We met up on Friday evening at the Expo, where we picked up our packets and made plans.  It felt good to have someone there that I *knew*.

    Thank you Martha!!

    Yes, this is me standing next port-o-potty fitting rooms.

    It was completely awesome to be in a room full of crazy runner people like myself.  A first.  A wonderful, wonderful first.

    So, back to the day of my race and what followed after.  Luckily we were staying only a few stops away from the stadium so it didn’t take long to get back.  I showered, we ate, sat in the sun for a bit, and conked.  A two hour nap never, EVER felt so good.  My muscles needed it and I was able to make it through the rest of the evening.

    (staying in a townhouse was the best decision, it felt like home, so relaxing, no weird cramped living style like in a hotel.)

    After my nap, I headed off for the coolest part of my evening.  I got to meet up with one of my running idols, Gia.
    She is a mother of twins and shortly after having her sweeties she ran the NYC ING Marathon.  *starstruck*  Her blog: HERE

    Then, I got to meet another one of my favorite runners, Ashley.  She has amazing determination and totally reinvented herself by running and eating healthier.  She has a wonderful story.  Check out her blog:  HERE

    And why, oh why did I not get these two wonderful ladies info??  They sat and chatted me up for a little while and I thoroughly enjoyed their company.

    Closest to me Ashely and then Jessica such sweethearts

    The next day, we rolled out of bed and had French toast (thanks, Papa for making it!).  And, we were on a mission, per Cy’s request.  We HAD to go see the Lincoln Memorial.   There was no getting out of it.  I’m glad he demanded it, because it was pretty stinkin’ awesome and if you have a family, make D.C a priority.  There is so, so much to learn and be amazed by.

    Poor Mr. Lincoln, there was barely enough space for us to shoot these photos it was so crowded.  People dodge in and out of the frame and you’re lucky to find a space without someone telling you to get out of THEIR photo.  hah.  I had one lady wave me out of the way …uh, she came and stood right in front of ME while I was taking a shot!!   grr

    Then, we walked up through Georgetown.  Ahhh, how it made me want to go back to school.  It’s so beautiful and cozy there.

    We found this AMAZING restaurant.  An ugly hole in the wall (I kid you not), but their food was legit.  It was called Mehran Restaurant.  If you’re looking for authentic Pakistani, Indian food, that is the place.  The naan bread was glorious. You know it’s good when it’s full of people from that culture.  And it was.

    After that, we headed back to the truck, where within 40 minutes of leaving D.C the kids looked like this:

    And D looked like this:

    I would run another half-marathon, for another medal and another exhausting, achy recovery after.  Honestly, it was so awesome.  I have my 13.1 sticker and a cute ‘Runner Girl’ magnet for the back of our truck.  Can’t wait to add more!

    20 Mar 2012, 10:43am
    by Carissa Jackson


    What an amazing experience/trip, Misha! Thank you for sharing the runner blogs. I’ll definitely take a peep. Most of all as I look through your pictures, you and your family are absolutely beautiful!

    20 Mar 2012, 10:45am
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Awww, Kissa, thank youuu :) ) Yes, they are really inspiring. The whole community of runners is inspiring, everyone has their own story, their own struggles and hardships and it’s amazing to see what running has done for them.

    Can’t wait to check out all these other runners, thanks for sharing them. What I really want to know is do you see 26.2 in your future?

    20 Mar 2012, 11:29am
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Oh Kathy *sigh* I’ve heard they say that if you can do 13.1 you can do 26.2. I’m SO scared. AFter feeling so rickety at 12.5 how could I make it to 26.2 without walking? I think I just might do it though, because I won’t feel complete. I want to say that “I am a marathoner”. You know? And I’ve heard that a lot of people do the the walk/run method. Run 10 minutes, walk 1 min and sometimes finish faster than those who run the whole time…so there are options, and I’m leaning toward using them to conquer my fear.

    Well… I completely understand! It’s only taken me SIX years since I ran my first half to finally sign up for 26.2. And I had butterflies just hitting the submit button on my registration! I still can’t say I’m a marathoner… just training and registered until June 3rd. I also am learning that I can’t run like an Olympian. I was upping my pace too much a few weeks ago and slogged my way through 13, hurting more with each mile. Last week I pulled back on the pace, with some *GASP* walking thrown in, and was able to comfortably finish 15. It’s a real education! Your time was right on what I run, so we could totally do one together when you’re back in CA ;)

    20 Mar 2012, 2:59pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Yeah, I’m looking to finish below 2 hours. (a half) I know I could have, but I was way, way back in corral 20 and spent 3 miles slogging to get upstream. You and I could run a wonderful race. I really wanted one of those chariots of fire finishes, you know? having someone there to hold my hand through the finish, but, alas, it was just me and my aching back. hahah. We will DEF sign up for on when I get back.

    I love the photos! I too love DC so very much. And Georgetown does the same to me-such an inspiring place. There’s a great pizza joint called Gepettos if you’re ever back in the area.
    I am super inspired but also a little skeered if YOU felt rickety at 12.5…..although I’m going for the run/walk Gallagher style until I “graduate”.
    I’m glad Cy got his wish and saw the Lincoln Memorial-that would be Caeden’s number one priority as well!

    20 Mar 2012, 1:08pm
    by Lauren Bertram


    I love reading your blog!! It inspires me to do what I can. Take care!1

    20 Mar 2012, 3:00pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Aww, Lauren, thank you so much. You can do most anything, honestly, I was so, so amazed that I did this. It gave me such a feeling of empowerment.


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