21 Mar 2012, 8:24am
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  • Running: Don’t judge a runner by his cover

    Wow day three of thoughts from a sore runner.

    I have to say that after running my half-marathon my perspective judgmental attitude changed drastically.  While I was waiting there in my corral, rubbing shoulders with all the other eager runners I can’t say that I was rubbing shoulders with avid athletes or people with ideal bodies.  No.  We were all average.  Some were a little heavier than others, there was one really chipper lady who was joking and creating such a cheery atmosphere and she was my grandmother’s age (my grandmother who passed, God rest her).  Grant it, the closer you got to the finish line the look of the runners changed, that was where the more elite runners were.

    The corrals a little farther back housed runners of all shapes and sizes.

    I looked around and smiled because I was staring at people who were just like me.  People who loved to run.  We were all the same in that sense.  We weren’t there to be the fastest or the strongest, we were there to finish.  We were there to achieve a goal, or to run with a friend who convinced us it was possible, no matter what our brain tried to tell us, we were there to run for a cause, we were there to prove ourselves wrong — we were all there.

    While I was running through each mile, my partners changed, for a while it was a tall, lean girl in a green sun dress, then it was a short older lady who was overweight but moving at a pretty good clip, and for most of the race I was staring at the back of a muscular man clad in a red tank top, dripping in sweat.  Toward the end, I ran mile 12 with a man who was shorter than I was and who had never run that far in his life.

    See? So, don’t think that you don’t have the *ideal body* or you *can’t* do it, because that’s really, really not true.  There were people out there who did not fit the mold of a *runner*.  And they didn’t have to, why?  Because running is for everyone.  Everyone.  So, get out there and start moving it, start making strides toward the finish line in your health goal.  Go at your pace, set a little goal, run 30 seconds, walk 2 minutes or run to the third light pole, walk for one.  Don’t look at it as 13.1 miles, look at it in small segments that you conquer and in the end all add up to 13 point stinkin’ 1 miles!

    Oh, do you like my runner bling?

    Love this post. Your bling is awesome. My favorite running quote:

    If you run, you are a runner. It doesn’t matter how fast or how far. It doesn’t matter if today is your first day or if you’ve been running for twenty years. There is no test to pass, no license to earn, no membership card to get. You just run.

    Oh, and don’t judge a runner by her skirt!

    21 Mar 2012, 2:12pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Yeah! I love it…hahah, my husband said it sort of looks like me :) (well, except for the fact it’s missing its skirt. hah)

    And, yes, do NOT judge a runner by her skirt! I’ll never forget, one of the 5ks I ran a man found me after the race and said, “great race, I couldn’t catch the skirt!” I laughed and laughed. I’m a proud skirt runner, yo!

    First, standing ovation for your accomplishment. I run mine when I was 19 and do not know if I will ever do it again. I’d love to, but it would take a lot of discipline at this point. Well deserved sticker, you go girl! Thank you for sharing your story and beautiful pics. You have motivated me to drag my sorry self to gym today!:)

    21 Mar 2012, 2:13pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Oh, but you can! You’re right, it does take a lot of discipline, but you don’t need me to tell you how rewarding it feels to push through 2 or 3 miles when you did NOT want to. I would LOVE to be in a race with you! Get crackin, mama! :)


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