26 Mar 2012, 8:27am
Of Food and Love romalise:


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  • Of Food And Love: The Princess and the pee

    We have this thing in our house…Roma has to go potty, she tells me, I tell her to go, she whines, I tell her to go, she says she can’t, I get frustrated and then it’s off to the bathroom we go.

    She is fully capable of taking herself to the bathroom and completing the process, but for some reason, she insists on making me accompany her.  So, you can imagine my angst when I’m in the middle of dinner, up to my elbows in veggie cutting, chopping  meat or dicing potatoes and she’s doing the potty dance.
    It’s even worse when it’s not just potty, I have to sit there for BOTH parts of the deal.  *sigh*  Dinner is on hold and I’m sitting cross-legged on the floor in the hall bathroom hoping what ever is on the stove doesn’t boil over or burn.

    There isn’t a day in the life of this 3 year old where she isn’t wearing a tutu of some sort.  After she gets up in the morning and goes through her wake up drill of snuggling with me and then demanding to be laid on the couch so she can finish waking up, she hops over to her dresser and finds just the right tutu, tutu skirt and ballerina looking shoes (worn most times backward).  This whole process is followed up by her ritualistic cup of chocolate milk, Ovaltine style.

    Like I’ve said before, I give her creative license when it comes to dressing herself.  Tutu or not, this girl plays hardcore.

    So, while I am really hoping my little princess grows out of the need for a potty entourage, because it’s getting old, maybe I should cherish my bathroom dwelling moments with her, because pretty soon she won’t want me for anything.  My little sweet, who loves it when I braid her hair, or when I let her cook with me, or when we draw together, who gets the giggles when we dance around the house to banjo music…

    There is so much to write about this little one.  I love her sweet, compassionate heart.  I suppose it’s ok for me to slow down a little because

    She won’t be this little forever…

    26 Mar 2012, 8:44am
    by Deborah Kordecki


    Yes Misha…she will not be this little long, potty parties, play parties, cooking parties will all fall by the way side one day. Next will be school with sleepovers, girlfriends and boyfriends, dances, prom. Cherish those times too. There will be a wedding, then babies, then possibly a move away from her family. You will embark on life as a grandma. Cherish it all Misha, in the end may you reflect on hers and Cy’s lives and know in your heart you succeeded in bringing up emotionally happy, strong and healthy kids!

    27 Mar 2012, 12:01pm
    by Carissa Jackson


    Deborah said it so sweet! Your posts about your kids always bring a smile to my face. I hope I’m half the mommy you are when my time comes :)

    Love you and MISS you. Please come back home soon. We need a Davis date together when you do move back.


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