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  • Chronicles: I’m a nice person, unless you’re a Christian

    ** If you’re easily offended, please don’t read.  If you don’t like me, please don’t read.  :)   **

    You know what?  Just stop.  All of this going back and forth about how horrible Christians are is just ridiculous.  Let me just ease your mind right now.
    I agree.

    No, you read that right — I.agree.
    Christians can be some of THE most unscrupulous, immoral, judgmental, nasty, elitist minded, self-righteous people you’ll ever meet.
    *whew*  Is everyone done throwing stones at me?

    But, with all of that said, I have crossed paths with some of the most giving, loving, open-hearted, kind, loyal and trust-worthy Christ followers in my life.  This post has the potential to be a two part post because, I can talk about the horrible side of Christianity and the cast system that has been created, while on the other hand I can talk about people who call themselves *good, atheists* who are so set to hate Christians that whenever the moment arises they take potshots.

    What?  Who is worse?  The Christian with a biblical duty to love his brother as himself (which hardly ever happens anymore because it’s all about number 1, right?)  Or the non-believer with their own set of morals and standards and no higher power to answer to (in their book).  I say they’re both bad.  But the *Christian* has more to answer for.  They have a specific set of guidelines which shows them how to be a wonderful, loving person to all mankind!  The atheist sort of follows the path of the self-governor inside.  They have basic standards which most likely entail: be kind, don’t kill, don’t steal, share….yada, yada.  I’m not going to speak on the behalf of an atheist’s belief system, but I will say that all humans, God-fearing or not, have the SAME DUTY:

    Grow up to become a responsible citizen of this country.

    Now, is that too much to ask?  So, don’t go around telling me and the world what a wonderful person you are when you hate Christians.  And how you hate the hate of the hateful Christians, when you’re hating just the same.  :)

    via Pinterest

    And, please, you *Christian* do yourself a favor and go read your bible.  You missed the part about love, kindness, being non-judgmental (of course when the bible shows us how to judge/discern, that’s different), setting aside prerequisites to be in your *popular club* at church, gossip, offense, backbiting, showing discretion(GOsH, now, that is a lost art) …  yeah, all of the important details that make up who a Christ follower is.
    If you’re a tree, and your actions are your fruits, it doesn’t take a genius to see there is something wrong.  It doesn’t even take a judgmental eye to see there is something wrong.  Please fix it, because you’re making it harder on the rest of us who are really trying to make a difference in this world.

    And furthermore, not all atheists are bad, just like not all Christ followers are bad.  Generalizing really leaves a lot of good people with a bad, unwarranted shadow over their heads, hmm, not good.

    via Pinterest

    Yes :)   I do have a bee in my bonnet and I stand by every word I’ve typed here.

    I have taken liberties on my blog, because it’s my blog, this is NOT Facebook and I don’t mind being extremely opinionated on my place in the internet.

    “So, don’t go around telling me and the world what a wonderful person you are when you hate Christians.  And how you hate the hate of the hateful Christians, when you’re hating just the same.  ”
    Well said! I have often thought that but couldn’t put it into words as well as you have. Why is it always ok to hate Christians but not PC to treat believers of other faiths in the same way? I agree that Christians can be horrible, just as anyone else can. Christians, though, have Christ’s blood to cover their sins. It’s not an xcuse to sin! All the more reason not to.

    Misha…..I have a word I use a LOT, HypoChristian. Yep, my in laws are “those” people. They go to church every week and claim to be Godly people, then in the next breath they’re talking bad about gay and lesbians, they talk bad about all of the “poor people” on welfare, yada, yada……..POINT IS…..ONLY GOD HAS THE GROUNDS TO JUDGE US!!!!
    I couldn’t agree with you more Misha! Love ya girlie :)

    It’s easier to hate than to love.
    It’s easier to bemoan than try to change the situation…

    From an atheist, the main theme of religions, to love your neighbour is often the first principle to be lost in “serving” god.
    Well said Misha.

    6 Apr 2012, 6:50am
    by Mommy Hobbies


    THank you. I love you Danika! You were my most notable, true atheist friend and I still count you among one of the most precious people in my life!

    [...] modesty in dress because that’s what people see. Misha wrote a blog post with this line: Christians can be some of THE most unscrupulous, immoral, judgmental, nasty, elitist minded, self-ri…. Ha. She’s a Christian. You’ll have to read more of her blog post to see where [...]

    Thought-provoking post! I think we are missing the “love” factor greatly… I know that growing up, I was quite confused on a lot of issues. I made some huge mistakes in my walk with God and relationships with people before *cringe*. (Who doesn’t?) I wish I could go back in time and take away the words I’ve said; I attribute it to being young and very very dumb, and impressionable.
    With time and a deeper walk with God, I’ve hopefully gained maturity, graciousness, the ability to understand that everyone makes mistakes and you can’t judge a person by any means…and of course to LOVE people. Now in my wise old years *wink* I’ve realized that the only person I need to worry about is me. Oh, and my daughter for now, until she’s of age. :) I can’t control anyone else but me, and even in my mind I have to cut people slack, and not judge. Leave that to God! :) Nobody is going to see things exactly as I see it, and of course I’m going to disagree with others and they will disagree with me. But that doesn’t mean I should love them any less!

    12 Apr 2012, 7:50am
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Yes, love…why is it so easily forgotten??
    So glad this post provoked some thought! hah. Yeah, we all make mistakes in our walk with God, I just have been so saddened to see that as Christians we’ve taken the self-righteous road instead of the *love your brother and let God be God* road, you know?
    LOve you, Janellll

    Wow – so thought provoking, convicting and humbling at the same time! It’s true that sometimes the greatest barrier to Christianity is in a nutshell. . . Christians! What have we done? We’ve taken the Gospel and turned it into a legalistic club where those that don’t follow the rules or fit the stigma are automatically looked down upon. It’s a modern day case of ‘Pharisee-itis’. Sadly, I’ve had to catch myself making negative comments, judging, etc. I too, though Christian, am human and give God a lot of credit for the mercy he shows me. Therefore, it is right that others be a part of that mercy – and LOVE – as well. :)

    12 Apr 2012, 4:13pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Yes!! “legalistic club” is exactly right. There is something to be said for standards and following God’s word, but when people use that as an excuse to be rude, judgmental and nasty to others, that’s when you’ve lost me and them too! People are looking for love. We love while God works in them, repairing broken hearts and ruined minds. It’s our duty to let God use us to minister and show HIS love…*sigh*


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