6 Apr 2012, 9:49am


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    Top of the list is: Handmade Goodness Giveaways Project! Please be sure to ENTER. Just click the link (when there is one) at the top of the most recent post! This project is in an effort to promote local and independent artists. Crafters, photographers, designers (of all types) -- man, woman or child all are welcome. Each giveaway will feature a different artist with a different talent, please join, if you will! Contact me: mommyhobbies [at] gmail [dot] com
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  • This Weekend: Plan

    Plan for the next week to be fabulous!

    Plan for the chance that someone might need a hug

    Plan to make a silly face in the most serious of moments…we all need a good laugh

    Plan to remember your purpose in life.  It’s not all about being *right* it’s about finding your way, digging deep and sticking to the plan.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful and memorable Easter!

    Blessings to you and your family this weekend. Your dad coming in? Tell him we say hello!!

    I need to remember to make a silly face – 18 mile training run in the morning!


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