24 Apr 2012, 9:14am
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  • Chronicles: I’m a Pentecostal

    This may quite possibly be the most important post I will ever write on my blog.
    It’s a profession of my faith.

    I’m a one God, Apostolic, tongue talking Pentecostal.  I believe in the doctrine of the Apostles and I believe in speaking in tongues just like on the day of Pentecost.

      Translation: I’m a baptized, in the name of Jesus, Pentecostal.
    Translation: I sound like I’m crazy.


    I suppose a lot of things sound crazy if they are not understood.  My whole life I’ve lived this *crazy* life and it’s in my blood.  But most recently, I’ve begun to cleave this truth into my heart.  It’s been a rough 4 years out here, away from my security blanket of friends and family.  My walk with God has grown immensely and I no longer depend on others to defend my faith.  I can do it myself.

    There will come a day, I truly believe, that I will be persecuted for this faith of mine.  Scary.  But I know it’s coming.

    Basically, the way I believe is that in order to get to heaven I MUST be baptized in Jesus’ name :: Acts 10:44-48
    Filled with His spirit.  And part of knowing that God’s spirit is living inside me is the fact I speak in other tongues :: Acts 2:1-21  &  Acts 2: 36-38
    I believe there is only one God and father and Jesus is His name  ::  Matthew 28:18-20 (what’s His name?)  —> Matthew 1:21,

    With all that said, here is the kicker, some people might not believe me.  What?  You say?  Let me explain.
    I was raised with a beautiful heritage in Pentecost.  I went to an amazing church on the West coast that was known for its leadership, music, talented young people, and our standards.  Our dress code set us apart from other people in our faith.  We wore our sleeves below our elbows, our skirts below our knees (even when sitting down our knees had to be hidden), our necklines no lower than three fingers below the collar bone, jewelery (including wedding rings) wasn’t worn, no make up, and our hair was to never be cut.  It’s not as bad as it sounds :)   It was how I was raised and I didn’t think twice.  I grew up in a wholesome, Godly church atmosphere, some of the most elegant women and distinguished looking men sat on those pews.  We weren’t a drab, ugly people because of our standards, we shone.  Truly.

    But after moving here, to the East coast, my standards changed…took them a while, but I started to realize why people wore shorter sleeves: the climate.  Humidity and long sleeves are unbearable.  Well, I suppose I could wear huge, puffy, long sleeves like the Amish women, but even they wear shorter sleeves when the weather gets bad.  So, now, my elbows show and for people back home, in my old church, this is a sign that I’m no longer living Godly, that I’m on the path to destruction, because the first thing to go are your standards, then it’s the doctrine.  They doubt your belief system is the same as theirs and slowly you become one of the people on their prayer list.  These are facts.  This isn’t a bash session.  This is the truth.

    So, now, I’m in trouble of being on that prayer list.  It’s ok :)   It’s a little offensive because it’s as though they’re saying I am not as holy as I need to be.  Which, if all the churches here on the East coast and a lot of the church in the south were to line up, majority of them would have their elbows showing in mid summer.  Truth.  I’m sure you catch my drift.
    I firmly believe I need to set myself apart in my dress.  Absolutely.  But I do not believe that I will go to hell if my elbows show.  I stand by this statement.  However, if you do attend a church where the standards are that your elbows must be covered, obedience is paramount.  Obey the preferences of your pastor and the church culture…

    All in all, I love Jesus but my elbows show.  And for the record.  I love my home church.  It’s is my *HOME* church.  For ever and always.

    Most importantly, have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed??
    Acts 19: 1-5

    Please, take a moment, if you’re curious, and click the links to the scriptures, God’s word will speak for itself.  It doesn’t need my help at all.

    24 Apr 2012, 12:30pm
    by Carissa Jackson


    Oh sweet Misha, how I love you. The older I get, the more you start thinking about the beliefs and the way I want to raise my family. I came from a very conservative church. And as we all know, that’s just not “me” (never has been, never will be). As a young girl, teenager, young adult, young married– I just couldn’t rationalize the concept of no patterned tights, no short sleeves, no brooches and my list went on and on. While intentions are good and the “separation” concept is 100% necessary. The truth is- sleeve length or even the concept of a skirt (gasp) isn’t the only way that’s accomplished. I want my future children to know the difference in personal convictions vs. holiness. They go hand in hand but they aren’t the same. MOST of all- I want my family to know the power of a body of Christ and how our actions impact others. Judgement isn’t the correct form of Godly conviction. And that is the biggest battle I face in raising a family in our home vs. what I’ve experienced in many churches (NOT ALL! Just some :) ) I, too, may lose friends over that statement. ha. But- truth is- me and my house we’re going to serve the Lord (with or without these “friends”). With that said, I will constantly seek God in the purest way I know– through prayer, obedience to His word, through MY convictions (whether they are in direct line with UPC/Apostolic/WPF teachings or not..) and through my life dedication to serving Him.

    Side note that I couldn’t find a proper place to insert: On the other hand, the Bible also teaches to not offend. Being respectful of others beliefs is just as important. If I’m going to be with friends who think differently than I do, I always try to strive to be respectful and never protray anything that can be taken as blatant or purposefully trying to offend. The coin toss can also go the other way. Those who have “changed” views, can’t look down on others whose personal convicitons are in fact to have sleeves to the elbow and skirt to the ankles. Their intentions are just as pure as the next Christian. The important point is– we are ALL seeking holiness in our own way, fashion and form. We ALL want to be pleasing to God. We ALL want to hear “Well done thou good and faithful servant”. And we ALL need to help each other in this process. We are ALL the body of Christ and His children.

    Misha- I hope my post was taken in good stride. I promise that my heart was so tender and pure with every word I wrote. I never want to be portrayed as hostile, ugly or just plain ignorant. lol I love you girl and have so much respect for your views and lifestyle! Thank you for being such a wonderful example and Christian.

    24 Apr 2012, 2:26pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    I don’t know how your post would have offended me, it didn’t. :)
    There are a lot of people who will shun me, I’m sure. And I am ready for it. It’s how they feel they need to protect themselves. I hope you know my post wasn’t written to offend anyone, or tell someone else how to live, it was merely showing how I live. That’s all.
    Had a great conversation with my dad and he brought up a good point, “The spirit behind holiness never changes”. And this, I adhere to. I love all my family, church and otherwise and respect the way they choose to live, just as I hope they respect the way I choose. In the end, I’m responsible for my actions…as is everyone else.

    24 Apr 2012, 4:00pm
    by Carissa Jackson


    Absolutely agree! I didn’t think my post was going to offend you but I was apologizing if it offended your other readers. ha. I didn’t want to be out of line and say something that was out of context. Especially this not being “my” blog. :)

    Love you!

    The spirit behind holiness never changes. *dkhasdj* That’s sound of me logging that one up this here brain.

    24 Apr 2012, 1:05pm
    by Colette Connolly


    Misha, I kindly would totally disagree! You are not straying because your elbows show! And SHAME on those people who are passing judgement on you. In my book judgment is a huge sin, and unfortunately there are many hypocrites. I love you Misha and think you are one of the most genuine people I have EVER met! Pray for all the haters lol ;)

    Very well put. Your actions speak louder than a little bit of elbow showing. You are one of the sweetest godly ladies I know. Every time you visit you are one of the first at the alter and your posts are always so positive. It would not be that way if you were drifting. Love you Misha never stop being you.

    24 Apr 2012, 3:33pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Thank you. I love my home church with all my heart. If I had not been raised with such love, amazing revelatory preaching or mentor-ship, I would not be able to be who I am today. My church gave me a beautiful foundation to build from and for that I am endlessly grateful.

    My goodness sweets! Your blog board lit up today. I agree with your dad, the spirit behind holiness never changes, the Holy Spirit is the one that illuminates the scriptures to me, I try my best to follow the examples of great men and women in those precious scriptures. Because I prefer blue jeans over long skirts doesn’t make me bad or even wrong, it is how I conduct my life and allow the Holy Spirit to teach me. I have lost friends and my family thinks I am radical, my friends husband when he sees me acts like I have the plaque, and the one I had hoped would believe and follow in a Christ like path has sadly turned their back on what they once believed. It is what it is sweetheart, regardless I will remain steadfast. Me and my house will serve the LORD! I love you Misha, never change!!!


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