7 May 2012, 8:30am
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  • Running: My second half-marathon


    They say every race is different.  And it is.  I was fully expecting to run this half in 2 hours and 30 minutes, simply because of the elevation profile.  It sort of terrified and excited me all at the same time.

    I’m used to running hills so I filed this race into the *just another day on the hills* type of run.  But the closer it came to race day the more nervous I got, so a week before the race, D and I drove the course, it wasn’t as bad as the profile made it seem!  There were definitely hills, quite a few toward the end (it was an out and back course) and the run back seemed scarier than the run out.

    Then, it was race day!  As I have mentioned before, there are every size and shape to be found running these races.

    The more elite runners

    The average runners

    Then, the people you never imagined could...

     I ran my little heart out.  This was a MUCH different experience than my first one.  There were only 600 racers and it was held in a town where the people didn’t really show much support.  We ran through town, briefly, on our way out to the country roads and not a person was on their porch to whistle, clap or cheer us on.  It was a little disappointing and by the time I got to mile 2.5 it hit me that this was going to be a long…long race.

    Mile 5: Holy moly, I’m almost halfway there and I really need some mojo.

    Mile 6.something/halfway point: I’m grinning and my legs are warm and jumpy.

    Mile 7: I start grooving and feeling good, I stride alongside a lady who I had only seen the back of her zebra shorts since the beginning of the race.  We chat a little and pep talk each other.  I pull out my Gu and chug some.

    Miles 8 and 9: Really happy and singing to my music.  Legs feel great, strong, even.

    Mile 10: No one was around to drop an air biscuit, like my last race, so, it was a nice stench free mile.

    Miles 11 and 12: Taking inventory, remembering that I started to feel rickety around this time my last race.  No rickety feeling.  Yes!

    Mile 12.5 and 13 to the finish: They diverted the course a bit and put us on a levee, it was horrible, I was concentrating a lot on my footing, hoping to keep my pace, but not wanting to miss my step and hurt myself either.  Annoyed, and now I can feel myself fatiguing, but I can’t let zebra shorts pass me.  I know she’s back there somewhere.  I’m NOT looking back either. The skinny boy in front of me has been walk/running and I was hoping to overtake him.  BAM, the pavement is back and I feel like I’m flying.  I round the corner, two girls clapping their hands, wishing me luck, one more corner, so close, I can see the steeple to the courthouse, a HILL!  So tired, but giving it my all, one last turn and I see a huge crowd of people and I run SO HARD to the finish…I want a sub-2 hour race, bad.

    Me racing to the finish, talking to myself and pushing through my fatigue.

    I finished with:

    1:53:23 !!! (this calculates out to an 8:39 per mile pace)
    That sub-2 hour half-marathon?  All mine, baby.

    Not only that, I finished 10th in my age category.  There were 246 women who raced the half and I was 33rd.  And out of the 600 people who ran, I was 87th overall.  Like I said, I raced my heart out.

    The best part of the whole race was the lady who found me after and said, “You were awesome!  I saw you up ahead and you were rockin’ it, in a skirt!!”  I laughed, smiled, thanked her and my heart burst.  I’m *that skirt girl*.  I’m making a name for myself and I love it.  It wasn’t the first time someone mentioned me and my skirt.

    All in all, I love it, running is my drug.  It has given me such a sense of empowerment and I challenge myself constantly.  I compete with myself and that’s the best competition there is.

    Don’t be afraid of the miles!  Run them good, run them hard, then after — eat. run. repeat.

    My sweet babies and me after the race

    Woo!!! Speedy woman! Great job!

    7 May 2012, 11:15am
    by Colette Connolly


    Omgoodness Mish! UNDER 2 hours, you GO GIRL! so pround of you! You amaze me woman!

    7 May 2012, 11:25am
    by Carissa Jackson


    SO AWESOME, MISHA!!!! So very proud of you. You always keep me motivated. A runner mommy of 2 is an amazing thing! You look fabulous :)

    Go, SKIRT GIRL! hehehe Awesome! I’ve gotta learn from you!


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