10 May 2012, 1:00pm
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  • MIY: Mother’s Day Birdbath Project

    Here’s another Make It Yourself project with Kari!

    With Mother’s Day and summer just around the corner, I thought this project would satisfy both the need for a quick homemade gift from the heart as well as provide a whimsical twist to one’s outdoor decor. Who doesn’t love to see darling little birdies happily splashing in a bit of water?
    First off, for your supplies you will need:
    • A terracotta saucer
    • A grapevine wreath with a diameter no larger than the saucer
    • Acrylic craft paints of your choice
    • Paintbrushes
    • Thick twine (I chose hemp)
    • Sealant spray
    I have four children and being these will be Mother’s Day gifts for both grandmothers, I carefully drew lines with pencil to divide each saucer into four quadrants. (and did not hesitate to incorporate a math lesson in for the 2nd grader) If you look carefully, you can see my faint lines. (this step is unnecessary unless you are dividing the paint job amongst children as I was)
    Paint the saucers in the design of your choice. I thought it would be interesting to see how different my children’s quadrants would look.
    Once the paint is dry, spray the surface with a sealant. I chose a matte but that choice is up to you. I did this since I plan for the saucer to be filled with water, I do not want the pretty painted designs being washed away.
    Now it’s time to cut your twine or hemp rope. Cut 2 pieces for each birdbath, each about a yard and a half long. Turn the grapevine wreath over so that the side you wish to be facing up is face down.
    Place the 2 pieces of twine in a way that they are sort of intertwined like when wrapping a gift. Then weave each of the 4 strands through the grapevine, choosing a sturdy spot to do so. Then flip the wreath back over and gather all 4 strands of twine. Pull them taut, and tie them into a knot up above the wreath. This will allow the wreath to hang horizontally evenly.
    Then place the now dry saucer inside the wreath.
    Now find a nice place outside to hang it and add a bit of water. Be sure to keep an eye out for the little birdies who visit your house!
    Don’t forget to ENTER the giveaway sponsored by Fuss & Feathers!

    How cute! MY only concern is that I do not want to attract more birds, ours are quite aggressive– they pecked through outdoor furniture and screen. Squirrels like those feeders too, so I am thinking of making one and putting it in my neighbor’s yard- he is quite an unpleasant gentleman, ha ha.. But that would not be nice of me, would it?;)

    12 May 2012, 10:55am
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Hahah! You’re hysterical! Yes, I think you should make him a birdbath and dedicate it to his mother…in his yard. ;) It’s kind of nice…right? heeh


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