14 May 2012, 8:30am
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  • Sewing: DIY Three Musketeers Costume

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    It’s been a while since I’ve sewn anything and I’m feeling a little ashamed about this fact.

    Well, what better way to get myself back in gear than to have a little slip of paper come home with Cy saying  :: Character Day Parade ::
    Challenge accepted.  If you’re following me on FB you’ll know that Cy and I have been reading “The Three Musketeers” and he’s loving it.  Yes, he’s only 5 (and a half) but I found a great series that makes the reading easy and enjoyable for a child his age.

    Anyway, after nearly talking myself out of it, I decided to commit all the way.  Cy would look perfect as a D’Artagnan.
    T-shirts have been this mother’s saving grace.  I rummaged around in his drawers and found and old one.  Perfect.

    Measured the fabric to be twice the width of the sleeve, because I wanted big, puffy sleeves, then ruffled it.

    Pinned each sleeve to the t-shirt sleeve and attached them.

    My little helper, measuring…something, I don’t know what.

    I made sure the wrists were lined with elastic so the sleeves weren’t hanging down over his hands.

    Next, the cape.  Took a huge piece of fabric from my stash and folded it in half. Used a plate to help give me a nice even half circle for the neck and then I free-handed the rest.  Drew the shoulders about 3 inches in width, in hindsight I should have drawn them about 4.5 inches for more seam allowance.  And the length was about 21-22 inches.  I didn’t want it too long.  I made sure to curve the bottom because if I had kept it straight the whole thing would turn out to look like a superhero cape instead of a cape-lette.  (am I making up a word? does anyone understand what I was going for here?)

    I folded and ironed the edges of the cape-lette before attaching it and decided a belt was in order.  Rather than risk  losing a belt I made one from felt.  First, I made a little template, placing the paper on the front and tracing how wide and how long I wanted the belt to be…

    The hubster wanted to give me a hand and I didn’t balk.  He did the belt buckle.  We both had different ideas as to how to execute it, but he relented and my idea won.

    Cut a square-ish piece of felt and folded it in half.

    Cut two slits about a half inch from each edge and up until a half inch from the top, then slid it onto the belt.

    The next day at the parade, I couldn’t wait to see him.  He came walking up the steps with a huge grin on his face.  Seeing him with his billowing sleeves, fake belt and hat with two huge plumes made me smile like a goofy proud parent.

    He marched around the field with all his classmates.

    The wind was high and it kept push his hat back, but he looked so, totally cool!

    My kids have a growing arsenal of dress up clothes!

    What costumes have you made for your children?

    Oh my gosh Misha, when Sara was little I made her a Little pilgrim, raggedy Ann, Hershey kiss, Dorothy from the wizard of oz. those were fun times! Cy was adorable as a pirate!

    You know, I haven’t made any costumes for my kids, except a cape=( I’m sure they would enjoy them though.


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