23 May 2012, 8:24am
cylas Of Food and Love:


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  • Of Food And Love: The day I became a mother

    There was nothing spectacular about my first day of motherhood or even hours leading up to it.  The experience of becoming a mother for the first time was very overwhelming and disorienting, to say the least.  Some people are so ready for it and shoot mother love twinkle dust from their eyes.  Not me.  I couldn’t figure out what was going on or how to even have my baby.  At first, I knew that I didn’t want an epidural.  Then, after feeling the contractions, I decided NOT having an epidural was crazy and just plain stupid.  Somehow I wish I had stuck with my first desire.

    It took all night and well into the morning.  Finally, our little boy arrived.  Head full of black silky hair, puffy eyes and a little worse for wear.  The birthing process hadn’t been an easy one.

    Then, motherhood.  I nursed, so there were constant feeding times and my life took on more of a dairy cow quality than anything else.  Days turned into nights which turned into days and more nights of little to no sleep and crying, crying, crying from that little bundle.  Dude. Motherhood is no joke.

    But then, he turned one.

    And two.




    And today, the boy that introduced me to motherhood, he just turned six.

    My sweet, sweet boy.  His imagination is unparalleled and his verve for life is contagious.  I love the conversations I have with this little man, he is so insightful, caring, curious, adventurous.  So many things wrapped up in my boy.

    I love you honey, you introduced me to motherhood and, now, I’m hooked.  Thank you for teaching me how to love through pain, to love through irritation, to love with a pure love.  My baby boy, Cy.

    Beautiful and so touching! I love the way you write, Misha, and what you have to say…and your pictures! They always touch my heart.

    Happy Birthday, Cylas!

    Beautiful, my dear mama. Beautiful!

    Happy birthday, Cylas!

    Beautiful post. He is such a darling boy.

    23 May 2012, 11:07am
    by Carissa Jackson


    Happy Birthday, Mr. Cylas!!! Can’t believe it’s already the 6th. Feels like just yesterday we were at the Rock Church and he was just a little one.

    Beautiful words about the day you became a mother :)

    Happy Birthday to Cylas, a boy that brings laughter and joy to people’s lives he doesn’t even remember! Thank you for sharing him, Misha! You are a blessed mama, indeed!

    Congrats Misha!!!! You’re one great mama!

    Happy Birthday Cylas! What a sweet post and documentation of his life:) Makes me want to keep my camera around!

    Happy & blessed birthday to my wonderful grandson Cylas (Cylito) Kelbatyrov. You have always brought great feelings of joy and appreciation for what only the gift of God could convey through a little smiling life such as yours my precious gift. You just simply touch my heart and life incredibly!
    Thank you for being here Cylito! :) Oh yeah, and thank you for giving me my new name… “GyamPa”!
    Misha, you mean the world to me. Love you dearly!

    This is absolutely beautiful!


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