2 Jul 2012, 9:19am
Of Food and Love:


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  • Of Food And Love: 9 years.

    Our friendship was natural.  We were introduced by his family and suddenly, we were hanging out all the time.

    I really enjoyed his laid back demeanor, cool way of looking at life, the way working a little bit harder and longer didn’t phase him and his taste in music, because we totally were diggin house music at the time.  hah.

    After almost two years of dating he asked me to marry him.   It was in a park, after dark and he was supposed to have dropped me off at home.  We were actually parked in front of my house when he said, “Hey, you wanna go to the park.”  Of course, I said yes because I loved spending time with him.  Prior to that day we hadn’t spoken about love, marriage, children, anything like that, maybe in passing but nothing serious.  So, when he asked me I was completely taken aback.

    Actually, I laughed.  He stared me and I kept laughing.  Rude.  I covered my ears, because the world seriously did fade away and it was only me and him and I said, “Yes!”.

    Our engagement photo

    I really, really want to brag on my husband, but I’m sure he would find a way to get in my account and delete this post, so I’ll keep it short and sweet.  hah.

    Our marriage is funny.  I say *funny* because if you were to compare us to other couples our age there would definitely be a laugh.  We look at life and love so differently than most people.  And I love it.

    June 30th, 2003 I committed to spending the rest of my life with this man

    We are constantly learning from one another and finding ways to make our house run smoothly as a unit.  He has helped me overcome a lot of stigmas about myself, shown me how to approach life differently and encouraged me to push deeper into myself to connect with myself and not to take everything in life so personally. (thank goodness, someone finally took the time to help me with that!)

    He is an amazing papa.  Amazing.  Right from the get go he helped me with all the dirty diaper duties, pukey moments, burping sessions, you name it.  Our children idolize their papa.

    He’s fun.

    Takes time to teach them…

    And, he puts up with me.  I’m a handful, you know :)

    Here’s to our many adventures hiking, camping, traveling, building, gardening, running, cooking, sewing (yes, he can sew a bit), and just generally enjoying life, because I couldn’t have found a better man to grow old with.

    I love you :)   (and please don’t delete this, dear, when you see it, I could have kept writing but I didn’t…)

    Cute !! Congrats guys!

    5 Jul 2012, 11:48am
    by Colette Connolly


    Mish, this is too darn sweet! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE reading your blogs! Your way with words is remarkable, and you seem to make me smile, even when the blog is about DIY laundry soap lol. I absolutely can’t wait to meet your amazing D one of these days, you two compliment eachother well ;)

    Awe!!!! So sweet!!!!!!! You guys are so cute together!!!!

    This is so cute!! Love the proposal :)


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