10 Jul 2012, 9:54am
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  • Running: The first 5 miles

    Saturday was my first long, training run.
    5 miles.

    Simply put it kicked my tail.  The humidity was out of this world crazy.  If you live on the East Coast you’ll know it was a doosey.   I rolled out of bed at 7am and made myself an egg over easy on a piece of wheat toast. *munch*

    I let my stomach settle and then did a few warm up exercises.  Bear hugs, jumping jacks, leg swings, just to get my muscles limbered up.  It’s really not wise to simply *stretch* before a run.  Your muscles are cold and your body thinks that you’re trying to rip them.  Do an active stretch like the ones I just listed.  Much safer for your body and you get that stretch in!

    It’s been over two months since I’ve run 5 consecutive miles, so I was nervous.  I started out strong and finished my first mile in about 8:30.  I little pebble found it’s way into my shoe, at this point and I decided to ignore it.  It minded its peace until the end.

      My second mile I finished in about 9, there is a long hill in the second mile.  By mile 3 I was very tired.  The sun was beating on me and the humidity made me feel like I was running through yards and yards of fabric.  Thick, cumbersome and never ending.

    The last 2 miles were very, very hard and I was talking out loud, pushing myself forward, telling myself to get through the sweat and exhaustion.  I did.

    Trying to show the time on my wrist...looking completely awkward

    46:22.  That’s how long it took me.  So beat by the end, but the feeling of accomplishment was greater.  I did it even though I wanted to quit so.bad.

    Here is the first of many posts updating you all on my progress to run the New York Marathon!!

    I’m in need of sponsors, however.  By the end of this month I must have 3 more.  Can you help me??

    Please click: HERE  and put my name:: Misha Kelbatyrov at the end of the form when it asks for the Athlete’s name.  And can you drop me a line letting me know so I can keep track as to how many more I need.  Thank you all so very, very much.

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