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  • MIY: Good Stuff Dryer Sheets

    Kari is guest posting!!

    I have been wanting to try my hand at making my own dryer sheets, but haven’t been pleased with the recipes I had seen.  This one makes so much sense and I can’t wait to try it!  Thanks, Kari :)

    People I am totally digging the MIY all natural product recipes out here in cyber space. I’ve made homemade laundry detergent, laundry softener, carpet cleaning machine soap, laundry stain treatment, household cleaners, face scrub, shampoo and conditioner, hard water shower cleaner, furniture polish, and now dryer sheets. ALL of them have turned out amazing and I couldn’t be happier with their results, the pennies it costs to make them and knowing they are non-toxic and safe for my family and I…well that just pretty much seals the case. I’ll never go back.
    I used to be a faithful connoisseur of Suavitel. The yellow bottle. I still like it don’t get me wrong-there’s just nothing like the smell of fresh laundry billowing the scent of bleach and yellow Suavitel. BUT….realizing just how toxic bleach is and how damaging it is to our clothing, in addition to the multiple times I’ve splashed it on my favorite skirt or sweater…I’ve decided to give it a rest and save it for only the big jobs like the doggy or car wash towels. Suavitel on the other hand…it’s really not that expensive, I do love its smell, BUT here’s what I noticed. EVERY time I used it, I would notoriously get some on my hand. A few minutes later, I would be scratching my nose and the residue of Suavitel on my hands was so pungent and strong it practically seared my nostrils and sinuses and immediately caused me to sneeze those ultra strong 26 sneezes in one type of sneeze. You know, the type you fear will happen to you while driving? Yes…yellow Suavitel does just that to me! Plus, I began to notice a horrible gunky build up in my softener dispenser on my washing machine! Gross! I would clean it but after just a few washings the build up would return. Imagine that ugly build up woven through the fibers of our garments? Yuck…time for a change. Hence, I have 2 solutions. One is adding 1 cup of vinegar to the softening dispenser for each load of laundry. A few drops of essential oil of your choice is not required but is nice. The build up in my machine is history and not one person has complained about crunchy drawers.
    Moving along to the topic here…dryer sheets. While the vinegar/EO does a fine job of softening the clothes, and they smell nice and fresh, you may just want an extra punch of smelly goodness. Who wouldn’t want their dryer acting as a scensty or candle spewing lemon lavender bliss throughout the house? (in my case the dryer hose emits onto my front porch-”welcome-guests-to-my-humble-wonderful-smelling-abode”.
    Anyway, all you need is bits or scraps of fabric such as a cut up t shirt or even old rags, extra virgin olive oil and the essential oil of your choice. Olive oil tends to carry the essential oils better than just simply using the essential oils alone on the rag. (I actually use those handy little glasses wiping rags the eye doctor gives everyone in my family that no one uses)
    I have several scents of essential oils that I use for my MIY concoctions. I love being able to choose one or two based on my mood rather than being stuck with a particular scent for the next 3 months. My very favorite however, is lemon and Bulgarian lavender. OHHHHHHH holy yum…. I can say I do NOT like patchouli as it came out too masculine and strong for my preferences. I also use orange and ginger often.
    So all you do is sprinkle a few drops of the olive oil on your rag, about 10 drops of the essential oils of your choice on to it and voila…your dryer sheet is ready. I don’t think that was any harder than opening a box and pulling out a allergy laden sheet now was it? And you can use them several times as they retain their scent nicely. There! I hope you like this little project. Have a wonderful, clean air and sinus filled day!

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