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  • Running: Week 2 Marathon Training

    First 6 miles.

    So, marathon training said my easy 6 was supposed to happen on Saturday.  Saturday happened to be gorgeous.  Absolutely gorgeous and I didn’t get to run.  *weep*  My schedule was wonky due to D needing to be at a certain place at a certain time, so I had to watch the kids.  I fretted and told myself that I would just run in the evening.  That didn’t happen either.

    See this is where you can either make excuses or make it work.  I made it work.  Saturday slipped away and early Sunday morning I rolled out of bed at 6.  Made myself an egg on a piece of toast, did warmups and headed out on that 6 mile run before church.

    Humid. Hilly.  Hint of rain.

     It started out good, I ran without my ipod and used the time to focus on God and other things, like my running form.  6 miles of me, my legs, the country air and my determination.  Whenever I go on my long runs, I can’t help but reflect.  There are so many thoughts that course through my mind and it feels good to sort through them.

    I have names for different legs of my running routes.  On this particular route there is a mile and a half where it’s *go time*.  As soon as I turn onto B road, it isn’t a road anymore it’s my “Feel Good” leg.  This is the part of my run where I talk myself up, refocus my energy, readjust my pace and dig in.  Feel good.  After Feel Good, there is the “No Stopping Zone”.  In that zone, I can not stop, it happens to be the last .6 miles to my house.  It’s there, that no matter HOW tired, HOW hot, HOW weak, I will.not.stop.  I’ve wretched on that road :)   That road is where all of my excuses breathe their last breath and I win.  That’s the stretch that makes me stronger.

    I win.  6 beautiful miles before church and I’m still on track.

    Proudly showing off the proof of 6 miles on my Garmin


    Thank you to my most recent sponsor who pushed me closer to my goal!!  I need ONE more for this month and I’m in the safe zone.
    Will you help me? (for those of you who do not know, I am running the New York Marathon!!)
    Please, click HERE for details and the link to donate, if you do choose to donate, please let me know so I can send you a thank you note.  I would mean the world to me!

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