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  • Running: Week 3 of Marathon Training

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    Most of my long runs start out the same.
    “Why in the WORLD am I doing this to myself???”

    It’s just me and the pavement for the next hour or more.   That’s a long time for someone like myself who enjoys the company of another.

    This past Saturday I ran naked.  Don’t worry, it’s just runner’s jargon for running without any electronics.  No GPS.  No iPod.  Yeah.  Train the brain session.  I have to do that sometimes.  Making myself step into mental lands less traveled strengthens me.  The time on the road without the distractions is well spent.  I pray, I talk to myself, I smile for imaginary cameras, I day dream, I write my blog :)

    The weather was gorgeous.  It was overcast, a little cool with a slight breeze.  Every runner’s dream. Too much humidity saps your energy faster than anything I know, and the cold makes it hard to breathe.  So, in spite of the fact I had 7 miles ahead of me I grinned.  The weather can make or break your determination.

    On my runs there is much to be seen and smelled.  Especially smelled.  We live in farm country.  On a typical run, I pass a chicken farm, a pig farm and a llama farm, acres and acres of corn and soy beans.  It’s stinky, annoying and tasking all at the same time.
    Rounding out on about 2.5 miles I came across a peacock with a little brood peeking out at me from a barn door.  The babies skittered inside while their mother turned her back to me to protect her babies, all the while her eye tracking me.

    On the stretch back, somewhere around mile 4, I saw three Amish boys on their bikes.  The two littlest ones kept looking back at me.  The big kid just ignored me, urging the little ones forward.

    Mile 4.5, a biker!  Those are a more common sight and I always feel funny because I know they’re looking at me like I’m crazy.  I’m on foot, they’ve got wheels spinning fast and hard, covering four times the distance.  Whatever, they’ve got their drug and I’ve got mine.  He passed me, I smiled, threw the peace sign.  His laundry detergent so was strong and pleasant, it stayed with me for a few more paces.  I grimaced.  My laundry detergent smell was LONG gone.  I was edging up on 5 miles.  hahah.  Hope he didn’t smell me  :)

    Last leg.  I was in the *no stopping zone*.  I crested a small hill and did a double take.  Another runner!  A tall man, wearing bright yellow, I was so shocked!
    “A rare sight!” I panted.  “Have a good run!”  He said something that I didn’t quite understand, but I smiled because I knew that at that moment there was someone else out there as crazy as me.

    7 happy miles.

    Every time I read your running updates, something sparks in me.. that makes me want to start running again! I used to be a track athelete- although basketball was my main sport. I was a sprinter (100m and 200m) In college I was training for the 400m when I met my hubby. He ran the 200m and 400m. He was very, very fast.. Needless to say once we got into church we gave up competitive sports. But we are still very much so into fitness and health. Yet at times, I don’t make time. Anyhow- thanks for writing these posts because they remind me that I shouldn’t lose my love for fitness. If you can make time, so can I *smile* So, if no one else is inspired, I am. Thanks, Misha!

    25 Jul 2012, 12:13pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Really?? That’s awesome! Yeah, when people come to God and they used to do a sport of some type of an activity, they usually drop it because that’s what they worshiped, as it were. If it’s not a stumbling block to you, start running again! Staying fit is totally biblical! hahah. Taking care of ourselves is so important.

    I didn’t “drop it” but I allowed my plate to get so full that it wasn’t a priority. Plus running in a skirt was new to me and totally, utterly awkward. I’m like where are my spandex shorts and racer back tank top?! LoL.. But now that I have gotten used to it, it isn’t so bad. I like the breeze that I get going on. I am getting a gym membership next week so I can get in my weights and they also have a track so… here we go!! I agree, taking care of ourselves is very important! I have the food, and hair part down.. now its time to get active again!

    Now that’s where we’re different ~ I love running by myself!

    25 Jul 2012, 12:08pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    I like it too, but that’s because that’s the only way I’ve ever run, not because I chose to. HAH. If I had a choice, I would love to run with a partner. It’s so motivating to have someone suffering by your side. haha

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