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  • Running: Week 4 training for a Marathon

    This past weekend was a little unorthodox.  We were camping.  I was fretting the whole time that I wouldn’t be able to get my run in.  My mood goes south when I can’t keep my schedule.  (I’m just so flexible. hah)

    Anyway, our camping trip was great and I was coming to terms with the fact that I would have to try and get this run in on Sunday instead of Saturday when I saw a man jog past our campsite — I looked at my husband and growled.  He laughed.  “Mish, just go!  Get your shoes and go running.”  So, I did.  Running through the mountains is an amazing experience not to mention the effect of the altitude.   The air was a little thinner but it didn’t hinder my run.  It was just evident.  I ran strong and really enjoyed myself.  Nature running = soul food.

    Running in a new area makes the miles go by quicker.  I suffer from impatience :)

    The road I took dumped me out onto the mountain highway and I ran about 3 miles on the berm until I didn’t feel safe anymore.  There are so many blind curves.  I was really proud of myself for getting out there and running, by the time I got back to the campsite the sweat was dripping from my lashes, my legs were humming with strength my “proud of me” meter was off the charts.

    Pushing through self-doubt, low motivation, schedule changes *sheepish grin*, exhaustion, poor weather it all has its rewards.

    So, in spite of the fact my marathon running schedule dictated that I run 8 miles, I did 6 mountain miles instead and I don’t feel guilty a’tall.  :)

    Me -- holding up 8 fingers after my 6 mountain mile run


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    We were on vacation last week and I did my long run starting at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. I loved it!

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