7 Aug 2012, 8:00am
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  • Running: Week 5 of training for a marathon

    I’m happy to be alive.  But, now, more than ever, I wish I had a sole sister to run with.

    Last week, I was really looking forward to each of my training runs.  It’s amazing the difference in your run when you’ve crossed trained, strengthened your core and start beating your own personal records.  Yeah, that’s the mind set I started out with for my week 5.  Monday went great, a short and sweet 3 miler up and around the gym.  Tuesday, I opted to skip running at the gym because my mom and brother were in town.  I waited until the evening then started off.  I felt really, really good.

    A mile and a half in I crested my first huge hill of the run and then — the dogs.  There were three of them, two Great Danes and a Golden Retriever.  The first Dane came barking at me in my chest, and the other two converged on my right hip.  I am not afraid of dogs and this wasn’t the first time they had run up to me like this, calmly I placed my hands out and spoke to them, “stay, stay…”  BAM.  The Great Dane and Retriever on my hip got way too excited and before I knew I was doubled over, bitten.

    Shock.  Hurt.  And, “I’m going to finish this run no matter what.”  My swirl of emotions and thoughts.  But then I looked at the bite and I definitely could not continue my run.

    My adrenalin was so high that I literally did not rest for two days.  I was so tired, but I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep.  I just distracted myself with the household chores I could do and kept moving.  Day three after the bite, I crashed.  My mom occupied the kids and I laid down for two hours STRAIGHT.  God’s gift to man, naps are.
    So, from Tuesday, after my bite, until Friday, of last week, I did not work out.   But Saturday morning, I rolled out of bed at 6 am and ran my long run of 10 miles.  And yes, I took the same route where I was bitten by those dogs, and no, they were not out there.  Not going to lie, I had some anxiety and kept fiddling with my mace.  Oh, did I mention?  After D saw my bite, he went out straight away and bought me mace.

    Saturday’s run was all about pushing through it all for me.  I ran as well as I could, my side was not happy but it survived, I rescued a little box turtle stranded in the middle of the road, passed a threesome of bikers, on the way out and on the way back, practiced smiling for the camera (again), saw an old friend and chatted with her while she drove along side me, solved a few problems and ultimately ran my 10 miles.

    I did it!
    And now, I’ll have a rad scar to remember this week 5 by, forever.

    Also, have you considered sponsoring me for my NYC marathon??  I would love, love, LOVE your support.
    Please click HERE for more info.

    Ouch! Glad you’re okay.

    8 Aug 2012, 8:59am
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Thank you, Kathy. It was quite scary now that I think about it. During the incident I was so hyped up with adrenalin it was sort of like an out of body experience. I didn’t believe that it had happened to me…hah. I think I’m still in denial to a degree.

    I took a tumble a few weeks ago on a Sunday morning. Got home, cleaned up, played the piano at church. Came home and realized just how hurt I was, especially my left hand and wrist. It seems to take a few hours for the adrenalin to wear off and the pain to kick in.

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