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    A while back on FB I happily posted about my interest in yoga.  I enjoy the benefits it provides my body.  (which I’ll list a little later on)  Well, a lady hopped into the conversation and said, “if you knew where it came from you would NEVER do it again.”  I politely told her I knew the history and was aware of how some people have chosen to use it, but that wasn’t my path or intention.  Next thing I knew, we were no longer *friends*.  Now, I don’t know exactly why she de-friended me, was it because I was choosing a form of exercise she didn’t agree with or because I disagreed with her stance on it, I’ll never know :)   Had I been given the chance to share with her that the practice of Yoga was around way before the Hindi adopted it to their Eastern religion, I’m sure she wouldn’t have been so quick to end our friendship.

    But, today, I do know that yoga is an amazing way to lose weight, increase circulation, promote digestion, strengthen weakened muscles, it’s used in physical therapy to help patients regain use of certain limbs (in specific situations), increases flexibility, helps to maintain mobility (if you’re older), your posture benefits and your breathing is enhanced.

    I’m in yoga for the physicality aspect, nothing else.  The classes I took over the weekend were extraordinarily eye opening and I learned so much about my body.

    Lunch time! Stole Cy's lunchbox :)

    I learned that breathing in through the nose and out through the nose is actually the proper way to breathe!  Stunned.  I’ve always been taught that breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth was the way. (re-training my mind)
    The importance of muscle memory.  It’s so important for ME to move myself into each pose, no one else.  My body needs to create a memory for each movement.
    Re-affirming that not ALL carbs are bad for you.
    Over working the body can cause it to burn sugar for fuel instead of fat.

    Yes, I learned So much!  This is only the tip of the iceberg.  My level II class is at the end of September and I can’t wait to see what I walk away with.

    I met some incredible women over the weekend.

    Carol, Kat and Jessica (Jess and I are already good friends, but this weekend was a wonderful time together can’t wait to take more classes with her)

    Carol lives nearby and exudes such a wonderful, maternal air.  It was so nice.  Kat, lives in North Carolina, she’s a dietician with an incredible knowledge base which she shared with us a couple of times during the weekend training.  She and I connected so well.  I really wish she lived closer because she had such sweet spirit and I enjoy having people like her in my life.  And Jessica, I just love her, we met through our husbands and our relationship has grown so beautifully these past few months.  She has so much to offer in our friendship and I appreciate her.

    I’m excited to use my yoga training to help people.  Thank you Karen for sharing with us and making yourself available.

    Ok, Misha! I’m very interested in the health benefits of yoga. This sounds cheesy but I’ve tried it on Wii Fit and I really like it (even if it isn’t the real thing). Please keep posting your experiences. I’ve been searching classes this morning even checking out YogaFit. I would also like my kids to learn!!

    13 Aug 2012, 3:20pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Absolutely! It really isn’t as scary as we’ve always thought it was. There are certain aspects I will not ever adhere to because it goes against my principles. However, what I am taking about the physical benefits in the long run for my body, I totally and completely appreciate. I will most DEF share.

    That’s great Misha! Love the recap and pics! Good (long) weekend! Xoxo

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