20 Aug 2012, 9:05am
Of Food and Love:


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  • Of Food And Love: Our last vacation of the summer — Beach!

    When my husband gets an idea, one is hard pressed to try and change his mind.  About a week and a half before school is slated to start, David decides it’s about time for a beach vacation.  The kids were so, so excited.

    We didn’t go any place fancy, we stayed with a friend, and we packed a lot of food.  It’s called — budget vacationing.

    If you’re ever on the East Coast and you want a really cute beach town to vacation in, try Sandy Hook, New Jersey.  There are no bells and whistles here like in Ocean City, or Atlantic City New Jersey and the beach costs $15 a day, but it is worth it considering how much you would have to pay for parking, and if you have kids, you wouldn’t be able to make it off the boardwalk without spending $15 on all of the rides, cotton candy, junk toys, and other money wasters.

    This beach is very simple yet beautiful.

    The first day we arrived, it rained.  We were sad.  Actually, I was tired, because we had just driven 4 hours.  D was too excited to be tired.  He turns into a kid when he gets near a beach.  It’s true.

    But the next day…oh, the next day we were there from 11 until close to 6.  All.day.long.

    Day two, was a repeat of the first day, only I left the fam and went on a 5 mile run.  A run that was SUPPOSED to be 12 miles, but it was too hot.  I almost couldn’t finish the 5 :/

    But that was the day Cylas mastered the boogie board.  He was so cute.  No one giggles like my baby boy.  It’s terribly cute and totally contagious.  I loved watching him in the waves.

    Then, our last day, Saturday, we went into the big city.

    My kids love the ferry.

    We did a little shopping *cough cough* and then went to eat at our all time fav — Tina’s Cuban Restaurant.  Yummmm.  My son ate onion with his chicken.  THAT was amazing.  haha.

    Then, the most special part of the day.  We went to see my grandfather.  He was so surprised.  He’s getting on in years and I’m so glad my children will have such special memories of their great-grandfather.

    Going over to Roosevelt Island on the tram

    His place is nothing short of a museum and a child’s wonderland.

    We stayed there for about a half hour and then toodled off to the plaza for some ice cream.  There, the kids slurped happily on ice cream given to them by their great-gyampa and played hide-n-seek.  So sweet.

    Our week was full of love, sun and family.  I’m thoroughly convinced that’s how it should always be, because it doesn’t feel like a vacation when it’s full of those ingredients.  It feels like soul food.

    If I remember correctly, my grandfather was born in 1926. Savoring every moment with him I can.

    sadly, David thought it was perfectly normal to wear socks with his boat shoes *sigh*

    I teared up at the close up picture of Cylas, he looks so grown up, then the picture of David with his “socks” made me giggle. Love you guys!

    20 Aug 2012, 11:48am
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Aw, we really, really miss you. Cy wants to be your neighbor… :) He talks about you often.

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