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  • Running Week 8 of Training for a Marathon

    Not every week is going to go my way when it comes to running.  This past week was one of those.  Instead of running around my neighborhood, I ran in a new area due to some unfortunate circumstances and had a hard time trying to appreciate the difference.  It was flat, I’m used to hills.  It was a straight shot, I’m used to winds in the road and unexpected views.

    But then, I discovered some really awesome perks.  Other runners!!  There were actually other people on that path with me.  I didn’t get to run with any of them, but I waved hello, secretly wishing they would ask me to join them.  hah.  13 miles is no joke when you’re by yourself.

    My training was full of new experiences.  First, I was on a new trail.  Second, I tried out listening to a book on tape while I ran.  Third, I ran amongst bikers, walkers and runners.  Fourth…and most spectacular, I came upon an old-fashioned barn raising.  It was legit.

    Mile 4.5 — I popped out of the overhang of trees from the path and looked out onto a field where I saw upwards of 40 men perched carefully on the skeleton of a barn.  Their straws hats a telltale sign that I was staring at a community of Amish men joined in effort to raise a barn.  So awesome!!

    Mile 5 — Porta-potty!  I stopped and ran in circles around it, just happy to know there was help if I needed it!  Checked to see if there was toilet paper.  Yep.

    Mile 6.5 — I’m only half way??

    Mile 9.5 — I stopped to walk.  Embarrassed, but my body was telling me something wasn’t quite right.  My hips felt funny and my right side was giving me problems.  I called D and cried feeling really disappointed that I wasn’t able to complete the run,* running*

    Mile 10 — I am still walking.

    Mile 11.5 — I start running again, very slowly and gently, feeling mentally awful.

    Mile 13 — Back to my van, hating my run and not feeling like I ran at all.  Put a good smile on for my camera shot though…
    Stretched myself out, hydrated, walked for a little and eventually left.

    I’m hoping that this week’s long run will not be a repeat of the defeat I felt.  I have 15 miles to push through.  With each training week, and as the miles climb, I’m discovering new things about myself.  Hoping to come out shining in the end.

    Cheer me on!  For I shall not stop!

    Would be so grateful for your sponsorship to help me reach my goal!  Please, click HERE for more details and to sponsor me.

    Yeah, they’re not all great. But you did it!

    I love this quote:

    Relish the bad training runs. Without them it’s difficult to recognize, much less appreciate, the good ones.
    ~Pat Teske

    I’ve had my share of bad training runs, that’s for sure!

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