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Chronicles Of A Stay At Home Mom:

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  • Chronicles: Mind the Heart

    Oh, the mind, a fickle temptress.  She makes you *feel* good, cloudy, dark, upbeat, happy, paranoid, strong, weak…she can do that.  She has a lot of power.  She’s also, in spite of her impressive skills to do all that, is very susceptible to outside influences.

    A mere glance from another, a slight head nod in your direction, the subtle turn of a shoulder, the quick smile, flicker of doubt in someone’s eye, look of approval…all of these influence the mind who quickly races to an assumption.  Oh, I do it all the time.  And my mind receives each of these actions differently depending on my current situation.  So, when someone glances my way they could be *talking* about me, if I’ve recently had a less than happy encounter (which more often than not had nothing to do with them).  Or, if there is a post on FB and it seems like it could be in reference to something that has gone on between me and that person…so many instances where the mind takes free reign of anything and everything that passes through it.  This, my friend, is where I say, take control.  Yes, take control!  The bible talks about the mind, giving us guidelines for healthy thinking!

    Phillipians 4:8 — Power of positive thinking

    II Corinthians 10:3-6 — Reminding us the battle isn’t physical but spiritual

    Phillipians 4: 4-9 — A strong reminder that praise can be a formidable opponent against the outside forces. (a personal fav in biblical passages for me)

    I’ve been in a few situations throughout my life that caused me great heartache and made it so easy for me to doubt myself, question my own character and fear for my reputation.  But when the dust settled, I was left with this thought: No matter what people do to tarnish an individual’s reputation, if that person has done nothing, no amount of twisting, lying, gossiping or partial truths can change the truth.  If *insert bizarre scenario here* didn’t happen, then it didn’t happen.  Sorry folks.  History can not be made if it didn’t occur.

    And, the heart, once she has been wounded, is one of the hardest components of our makeup to heal.  Truth.  Why is that?  The heart is where the most intimate, vulnerable and sensitive aspects of our humanity lies, and when it is molested, well, very few recover from that.  I’m slightly stubborn by nature and refuse to become a victim to circumstance.  (which I wrote about HERE)

    It doesn’t mean that I haven’t suffered though my fair share of hurts and been wounded so deeply I didn’t think I’d ever recover, it just means that I won’t stop trying to move forward, trying to overcome, trying to learn or using the situations to make me stronger.  But that’s just me being stubborn.

    So, heart/mind although you are an incredible force within me, although you have been wounded, and although only God truly knows what lies within you, I’m declaring that remaining positive and available to the healing God provides is the only option.  Bottom line.

    :)   How’s that for stubborn?

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