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    Top of the list is: Handmade Goodness Giveaways Project! Please be sure to ENTER. Just click the link (when there is one) at the top of the most recent post! This project is in an effort to promote local and independent artists. Crafters, photographers, designers (of all types) -- man, woman or child all are welcome. Each giveaway will feature a different artist with a different talent, please join, if you will! Contact me: mommyhobbies [at] gmail [dot] com
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  • This Weekend: Realize

    You could be the star in someone’s eye.

    via Pinterest

    You could be the smile in someone’s day.

    You could be the only breath of fresh air in someone’s life, in that moment.

    Just realize, there is so much to you.  There is so much to be loved and to share.  So share it and realize you.are.special!

    Be strong, stay focused and have a fabulous weekend!

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