19 Sep 2012, 9:41am
cylas Of Food and Love:


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  • Of Food And Love: Soccer Season!

    Cylas started soccer.

    When he started soccer, it was like the light came on in his head about sports.  He is crazy for it.  Every day after school, if the weather is nice, he’s out there with his buddies kicking that ball around.

    He had his first game two weeks ago and his team lost by one point.  The second game he played, they won by two.

    His little body surges with energy while he’s out there.  But even with all that energy he doesn’t know how to channel it.  So, we’re working with him on being aggressive.  You’d think that my little live wire wouldn’t have an issue with that, but he’s not much of a risk taker, which leaves him standing, unsure of his next move at times.

    David has spent a fair amount of time encouraging the tiger in him to come out.  It’s working.  In just two weeks, Cy went from standing in place while the ball swirled around him with the other players, to barreling forward, sliding, one-kneed on the grass to kick the ball from his opponent.

    Ever heard of Cristiano Ronaldo?

    via the internet

    Pretty sure I have one in the making :)

    Every time soccer practice rolls around he gets the smiles.  It’s exciting for me to see how much he enjoys this game.

    At his first game!


    It’s a new opportunity for him to learn team work, follow instructions, work under pressure and gain a new skill.

    with his team mate and friend, D


    Oh, but don’t think for one minute Roma is being left out of all the fun.  She just grabs her leotard, pulls on a pair of bloomers and gets right out there with the boys.  She knows how to roll with those rascals.

    One braid in, one braid out.  She chased the ball up and down the field, screaming and giggling the whole time.

    I remember a time when I would cringe at the thought of being one of those moms with a van, taking my kid to soccer practice.  Let me tell you, there are FOUR vans on my son’s team identical to mine and we all caravan in and out in perfect, soccer mom harmony.  I’m totally a proud soccer mom!

    Motherhood just doesn’t get any better than this, folks.

    Great to see the family enjoying The World Game. One proud soccer Aunty here in Oz :)

    I love the pics of your kids! They are so beautiful! I can relate to the whole “soccer mom” stigma. I too, dreaded driving a minivan, but there aren’t may cost effective choices for families larger than 5! Ha!

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