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  • Running: Week 12 Training for a Marathon

    There are moments when I surprise myself.  I get strokes of genius and the world just looks brighter.  hah.

    Saturday was my long run, gearing up for my 18 miler this weekend.  It was 12 miles and I wrestled with the route I wanted to take.  Eventually, I settled on six miles out and six miles back.  Then, I second guessed myself because I really, really wanted to watch my son play soccer.  Due to my long weekend runs, I’ve missed all but his first game :(    So I re-thought my plan for an out and back route and decided that running to the next town so I could be there in time for his game was my best option.

    Pre-run: Checking and double checking my gear.  I do NOT want to forget anything this time.
    I kiss my babies and let Cy know that I’ll see him at the game.  “I’m going to run there to see you!!”  He looks at me funny not really comprehending.  It’s ok.

    Miles 1-6 go by fairly uneventful.

    Mile 7.5 – I am nearly run over by a car doing 60, or more, in an attempt to pass two cars at the same time.  It was so close, I almost could have touched it.  That scared me.

    Mile 8: Finally, I’m out on the big road.  4 miles left with traffic as my company, no more silent hills, open fields and trees.  It’s nice.

    Mile 9-10:  Still feeling really good.  My legs aren’t feeling amazing but they’re not dragging either.

    Mile 10.5: Poop.  Literally.  I am running for a half mile next to a field that was just fertilized.  *gag*  It’s hard to breathe.

    Mile 11.7 – 12:  I’m at the field and I see my family!!  David waves at me and I run his way.  I still have .3 left, so I holler to him and run around the neighborhood until I finish.  Cy and Roma were so happy to see me, and Cylas immediately asks how far I ran.  “Mama ran 12 miles, baby.”
    “12 miles!!”  So loud.  I tell him to be quiet.  I’m getting funny stares.

    Come to find out, a couple of the parents saw me as I was running down the main thoroughfare.  One of the moms asked me if I was going to run to Cy’s game the following weekend.  hah!  That made my day.

    I have to say, though, this was one of my funnest runs by far.  Meeting up with my family after a long run gives me such a boost.

      My poor son :)   He has a running mother.

    :) !!!! amazing. just amazing.

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