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  • Running: Week 13 of Training for a Marathon

    After the cloud nine experience of my 16 miler I was expecting nothing less with my 18 miler.  And my wish was granted.

    Going back a couple of weeks to my horrid experience with my 15 miler, I felt dejected and almost a little crazed with the thought of running 26.2.  I remember telling someone, “at this point, I don’t ever see myself running another marathon.”  Period.  End of story.  That was the lowest point in my training and it was scary.  It’s scary to work so hard for something and then feel yourself becoming disenchanted.

    But these past three weekends of long runs have exceeded my expectations and I’m more eager to run now than when I first started my training all those weeks ago.

    First 9 miles:  Nothing happening.  I’m just running, listening to my banjo music and head banging a little.  It feels goods.  I feel strong, trying to gauge where my strength level is at, if I’m just pretending, or if I really do feel strong.  I look at my pace, I’m keeping steady around 9:30-9:40min miles.  Yep, I am strong.

    Last 9 miles:  Reset.  I take a left out onto the highway and begin the long climb back up the hill I just ran down.  I try not to think about it.  My whole run is FULL of hills.  I’m not a stranger to them, but when you start to think about how many hills you’ve run coming out the one way and now you’re going to run them again, but backward??  hah.  Yeah.  Whatever, I dig into my music.

    Mile 14: I text my friends to tell them I only have 4 miles left until I’ve run 18!!  I’m getting excited.

    Mile 16:  I smile, because I’ve been here before, I’ve been here at the 16 mile mark and I know now that running 18 is not a big deal.

    Mile 17:  Hello there…

    Mile 18:  I made it.  I MADE IT!!!  Once again, I crest the hill to our place and I feel so, so victorious.  I refrain from yelling or any crazy behavior because my dad and grandfather are still sleeping.

    It’s not until nearly an hour after my run that the tears fall.  I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I can’t believe I proved to myself again, that I DO have it in me.

    This is me, with rivers of dried sweat and bugs on my neck, feeling on top of the world.  I LOVE running!!

    Oh, and the time has come for me to entertain the awful fact that I might be saying goodbye to one of my toenails.  :(   I hear about this from runners all the time and I thought SURELY it would never happen to me, but my poor little toe is so, so sore that I’ve taken to taping it.  We’ll see if it can hold out for the duration of my training and marathon!!  Come on little piggy, stay strong!

    Great job! Those long runs really get ya, but come marathon day it WILL be worth it.

    I’ve lost more than one toenail in my running career. They do grow back… eventually ;)

    3 Oct 2012, 8:50am
    by Mommy Hobbies


    They do! But, amazingly enough, it was like I lost track of time. I wasn’t focused on *omg I’ve been running THIS long* it was like, I was just, running…that’s it. It was truly one of the coolest moments in my training, yet.

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