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    This is only the second level of training I have attended but I’m hooked.  It was another amazing experience.  There is just no substitute for good, useful knowledge.  The more I learn about how our bodies operate the more excited I get.  This particular level was about how to effectively communicate as an instructor.  It’s not easy to describe a pose to someone without doing it yourself in that moment.  hah.  Some of the training exercises we went through gave us a hearty laugh…

    The morning before my two day training I got up at 5:30am to complete my 18 mile run.  I usually run on Saturday mornings, but my training was going to interfere with that, so I rearranged a couple things and made it happen the day before.

    So, leading into Saturday, I was a little tired, sore and my back was killing me.  After my run, I had no time to properly stretch and decompress.  My dad and grandfather were visiting, so it was cleaning, cooking and packing instead of sitting, icing, stretching, or sleeping.  Saturday morning the class started and I could barely sit, I kept moving around trying to find the least painful position to keep myself in.  Nothing doing.  Finally, the part of the day came where we had a 75 min yoga session with the instructor.  Amazing.  Absolutely amazing and refreshing.  Not only was I introduced to several new poses, but by the end of the session my back felt splendid and I could actually sit.

    From left to right — Elaine, Su, Terry, Cindy, ME, Carol, Gretchen and Jess

    Such a wonderful group of women.  And our instructor, Branden, was fabulous.  He had such a calm demeanor and I’m sure he held back his wild side, because it was lurking :)

    I can’t wait to take level III or any of the other classes available.  With each class I grow more confident in my abilities as a future yoga instructor and can’t wait to help people understand how their body works and how they can help themselves!

    Here is to more wonderful weekend training sessions with fabulous women and awesome teachers :)   Thank you YogaFit for giving me this opportunity and making your classes so accessible.

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    Congrats in advance that you could make it up to level III! I know you could.

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