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  • Running: Week 14 Training for a Marathon

    Each week holds something new for me.  I’ve noticed that ever since my amazing 18 miler my relationship with the road has changed.  Completely.

    See, I’m an impatient person by nature and a lot of my struggle with running has been dealing with how much time I spend on the road.  I keep thinking that there are other things I could be doing, I’m wasting my time, this isn’t going fast enough, blah, blah, blah…

    But after running 18 miles, after running for 2 HOURS and 55 minutes, running for 44 minutes (5 miles) or for an hour (7.5 miles) just doesn’t seem like such a long time at all.  To be honest, I rather look forward to all of my little runs now.  I really do.  The other day I referenced the road as a “dear friend of mine” because that is what it has become to me.

    Woke up early, as usual, the weather was awful.  I fretted, because my long runs are super important.  I decided to wait the rain out.  It stopped.  But as soon as I was about to head out it started up again.  I threw in the towel and headed for the gym.  I figured that if I couldn’t get started on the road, I’d start on the treadmill in an effort to wait out the rain.

    First 3 miles:  Dreadmill.  Finished.  I FBed my husband while I was running to see if he could buy me different headphones.  My $3 Wal-Mart ones were giving up the ghost and only after two weeks.

    My husband shows up at the gym, surprising me.  I’m a happy gal and I set off on the road, no rain, new headphones and feeling great.

    Miles 4-9:  It’s just hills, blind curves, quite roads and wet roads.  I’m feeling light, happy, strong, focused and not at all tired.

    Mile 10:  I’m now in a different town and I jog down to the soccer field where my son is playing and my husband is coaching!  Unfortunately, I still have 4 miles left and his game is nearly over :(   I head off into town.

    Miles 11-13:  I jog to the end of town and back because my husband is my ride!  I end up at the soccer field just as everyone is leaving.  The kids are eager to get to the thrift store.  They love shopping with their papa!  With one mile left, I decide that running to meet them at the thrift store would be the best bet.

    Mile 14:  Thrift store.  Happy husband.  Happy kids.  STARVED.

    I see you finish line…you’re so close, so close.

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