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  • Of Food And Love: My six year old son

    “Funny is my thing,” he quipped the other evening during dinner.  My eyes widened and I looked at my husband who silently laughed with me.

    I’m writing this post so I can remember how my son acted when he was six.  I know that how he is now is merely the beginning and the behaviors he has are going to grow and develop with him.

    He is sensitive.  He doesn’t like a lot of attention focused on him.  The other night we went to a soccer game at the university and they had all the little soccer players stand in the middle of the field to be acknowledged.  He came back to me, crying, saying that he didn’t want, “all those people looking at [him],” and he was worried that they were going to ask him to play and he “forgot [his] cleats.”

      Don’t tease him about tooting, he can take it for a little while, but then he gets frustrated and will cry.

    Right now, he is connected at the hip to a little boy in his class, W.

    He wants to go to heaven.  He’s very concerned about going to heaven and living there. He wants to learn how to read the bible, too.

    He loves bed time prayers and won’t sleep (unless he lays down and just conks out) until either David or I have prayed with him.  And he enjoys praying before getting on the bus for school.

    Don’t lie or make up stories about facts or situations.  He hates that and it makes him lose respect for you.  He wants to know the truth about life and the details.  David and I always explain reality to him.  We don’t putz around and make up silly, childish explanations for the facts of life, whether it is death, birth, nature, money, science, cooking.  If he wants to know, we find an age appropriate way to explain it to him.

    He LOVES soccer.  Struggles with loving jujitsu.  He is very, very good at jujitsu but is loathe to go to practice (at this point).

    He heads up adventures with the boys around here.  He packs a backpack full of “supplies” and snacks and tromps off into the bushes.  All the boys follow along.

    He wants to buy an IKEA store so he can make money.  He is very fascinated with the concept of buying, selling and making money.  He and his papa have had countless conversations about money and its function.  The other night D started teaching him algebra.  No lie.  It was awesome.

    one of two flashcards, the other was lost :/

    He says he wants to be an art teacher because he loves drawing and coloring.

    He looks forward to the evening time when we sit and read books together.  We just finished The Three Musketeers.  We’re starting The Count Of Monte Cristo.  And when that is finished we’re going to read King Arthur.

    He is compassionate.  He concerns himself with the well-being of his family.  If Roma is sad, he tries to cheer her up.  If D or I hurt ourselves he gets involved to see how he can help.  On Saturdays I have my long runs, and he’s always ready for me when I get back.  He hops out the door and asks if my run was good and if I’d like a glass of water.  (lately, he has had soccer games, but he still asks about my run)  I’m hoping that someday he will be by my side running half and full marathons.  My heart swells at the thought.

    He loves his papa.  D is so good with him.  They build things together, talk about science, space, the earth, plants, math, how to make money, what wastes your money, they love going on adventures together (the other night they went to a neighboring farmer’s field to glean corn)…they have an amazing bond.

    Ahh, my baby boy, there is so much more to share, you are my pride and joy, my heart beat and I will continue to put everything in you I can to encourage the growth of a responsible, God-fearing citizen of these great United States.

    Love, mama

    Made me cry. What a wonderful Mom you are to your children.

    10 Oct 2012, 1:48pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Aww, thank you. I give them my all of my heart.

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