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  • Running: Week 15 Training for a Marathon

    This week’s training had me in a bit of knots.  I started the week with 5 miles then opted out of my 10 miler (I was nervous about my knees) then PR-ed my second 5 miler of the week at a 40:30.  Then, Friday afternoon my family and I headed out to NYC to visit with my dad, grandfather and aunt.  This is where it gets really cool.
    I was able to meet up with some of my teammates running with World Vision.  We met in Central Park and lapped the park together, but separately and at different paces. (make sense?)

    But what made this event even more awesome was that a teammate of mine and his wife offered for me to stay with them over the weekend so I wouldn’t have to commute in from Staten Island.  They were so, so sweet and I was endlessly grateful for their hospitality and warm welcome to a completely stranger like myself.

    6:45am — My alarm goes off and I chug down two large glasses of water, immediately.

    8:15 — My teammate and I are out the door and waiting for the bus.

    8:30ish — We’re in Central Park waiting for the rest of our team to show up (a fraction of the people showed up.  Our team is huge and is spread across the globe.)

    Juan, Rachel, Jacob, Me, Natalie

    Jacob was my running partner and we kept an average of 9min and 26sec per mile.

    Mile 4: Bathroom break.

    Mile 5:  Doesn’t feel like 5 miles.  Doesn’t feel like much at all.  My legs want to go, go, go, but we were supposed to take it easy on this run, so I relented and held back.

    Mile 10:  At this point, I have passed thousands (I can safely say that) of runners, walkers, speed walkers, blind runners, wheelchair bound exercisers, handicapped bikers, athletic teams and mommies and daddies pushing their babies in strollers while they run.  It was amazing.  I’m not tired at all.

    Mile 15:  Literally, I can not count how many times I said, “Oh! We just ran another mile!”  It was going by so quickly and enjoyably.  And at this point I’m hungry.  All I can think about for the next mile is food.

    Mile 16:  Both Jacob and I agree that we were starting to feel it a little.  And I reminded him I was hungry.  Poor guy, he was polite and didn’t say anything while I was moaning about my hunger issues….the last 4 miles.

    Mile 17:  We stop for another hydration re-fill and I use the couple seconds I have to stretch my lower back.  Smart move.  Back on the road.  About 3 minutes into the mile I started planning what I was going to eat…totally wanted a bowl of pasta with tons of veggies.

    Mile 18-20:  We are at the end, lapping a small pond in the far corner of the park.  My first lap is 8:46.  My second and last lap is 7:53.  Yeah, I had stored up that much energy.  The body never ceases to amaze me.  3hrs and 9min later, I’m stretching out, drinking a Naked Protein drink and wolfing down a banana.

    It’s becoming more apparent to me that my relationship with the road has changed.  Completely.  I’m not the same runner I was when I first started, for sure.    The familiarity I have with the road is a such a comfort to me.  I no longer think in terms of miles it’s more like, “Oh, I’m going to run today.  I’m going to run to this particular point and back.”
    I’m not plagued with how long it’s going to take me or the fact that it’s EIGHT MILES or TEN MILES.  It’s just my time on the road.  That’s all it is and I enjoy every minute of it.  I’m loving this part of the training, the new perspective I have of running is refreshing and encouraging.  It started to develop after my 16 miler.  Once I hit that point, I knew I could do this marathon.  I just knew it.  It doesn’t seem hard or even impossible any more.

    It was my dream at one point and in two weeks it’s going to be part of my reality.

    Way to go Misha! You are AWESOME!!!

    Great job, Misha! Two more weeks until you can say, “I am a Marathoner!”

    16 Oct 2012, 1:42pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    I know!! I can’t wait to say those words…I just can’t wait!!

    16 Oct 2012, 1:42pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Thank you!! See you in a couple weeks :)

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