18 Oct 2012, 10:36am
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    I went running today (surprise, surprise)

    One of my good running buddies caught me on the road on her way to the gym, she gushed with excitement about the up and coming race, “I’m so excited for your marathon!!”  For some reason, it made me emotional.  Here I was on the same road, running the same route I had nearly a year ago when I made the proclamation that I was going to run a marathon.

    Actually, I was running up a hill when I met two ladies walking dogs, we exchanged pleasantries and I just threw out there, “Yeah, I’m training for a marathon.” I hadn’t even signed up yet.  It was just in my head and heart at that point.  But I had so much faith that I was going to run one…that I just spoke it out.

    So, here I am.  Thousand plus miles and five pairs of running shoes later.  Two and a half weeks away from the big day.  Running has taken over a lot of my spare time to craft and sew.  I don’t really have the energy to focus on those things like I did before.  It makes me feel a little sad because I love all the creativity I’ve discovered about myself since moving here.  Soon, I’m hoping to balance my running out with crafting and sewing again.  I need to.  Sewing and creating also fills a wonderful space inside that running can’t.  Amazing how many facets to our humanity there are.  Each talent, habit or hobby has a special part in our make up.

    Not sure what I’m going to do once the marathon is over.  I’ve invested so much time in preparing for it.  Perhaps, get ready for another?  hah.  (never imagined the day I’d say those words!)

    At this point, I’m happy that I followed through with my goal.  I didn’t quit even when it got tough, my body has gotten stronger and so has my will power through it all.  Hoping to apply the determination I’ve had for this marathon experience into other parts of my life.

    New newest pair of running kicks and the ones I plan to run the marathon in!

    I registered for marathon #2 less than a week after my first one. I need to have my head examined!!

    19 Oct 2012, 12:19pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Hahah, I have a feeling that’s going to be me!~!

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