22 Oct 2012, 8:19am
Of Food and Love:

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  • Of Food And Love: House Roles

    Me and David.  We’re a plucky little team we are.  We switch roles on the weekend.  Sort of.  And we switch roles for certain meals.  For real.

    See, during the week it’s like clock work.  Mama makes dinner every night, sometimes breakfast and she starves herself for lunch (bad habit, but me and lunch have a love hate relationship).

    On the weekends, papa makes the Friday night pizza, and the Saturday morning breakfast.  Always.  It’s just how we role.  Sunday is up for grabs.  If we have guests during the week, papa is in charge of tea time.  Don’t gasp.  It’s ok, he can handle it.  He’s Russian :)

    There are certain meals that only papa makes: Fish Tacos, Cottage Cheese Pancakes (a huge, unexpected hit with everyone who has the pleasure of eating them.  EVEN non-cottage cheese lovers), any grilled meats and Shavel(sorrel) Soup.  Those are the main dishes he makes and he’s very good at them.
    The other morning he made some fabulous flag themed pancakes.

    Mama is in charge of the house on the inside.  Papa is in charge of the house outside.  But even then the roles can switch.  At any given time, someone may find Papa doing the laundry, dishes or scrubbing a floor and mama washing and vacuuming out the car, pulling weeds or gathering tree clippings (there aren’t many things I do outside other than run… hah)

    Papa is very outdoorsey and does things like this with the kids:

    I’m very creative in another fashion and I do things like this with the kids:

    See, the expected rules just don’t apply in this house.  Don’t expect us to have roles that are completely separate and set in stone.  We just don’t work that way.  There are things that I wouldn’t attempt and likewise with David, but for the most part, we like sharing what we do for this house together.

    Happy Monday :)

    Love this :) Its the same way in the Thaler house – minus the children lol. I do most of the cooking but Brendan is likely to make a bomb Saturday morning breakfast, and a mean vanilla latte. He handles tea time mostly too. He also does the grilling and steak making. I love to decorate,organize and clean but its not unusual to find Brendan mopping and wiping things down. It IS unusual to find him doing laundry LOL :)

    Thanks for sharing, this most made me smile. Marriage is all about teamwork. Its a lot more fun that way!

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