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    I really wasn’t sure I would get it all done.  Sometimes, my ideas are more than I have time for.  I find that making costumes completely from scratch is a little much for me, so I tend to work with a few finished pieces and then embellish them.  So, for this project, I bought a shirt and a sweater.  The rest I hand sewed or cut myself.

    For Roma’s costume I found a template, HERE, for the feathers and cut three different colors.

    The original colors were pink and white, but I only had purple and some lighter shades in that family on hand, so that’s what I used.  It turned out pretty cute!  The original owl costume didn’t have as many feathers on the arms, I layered mine to give it a fuller effect.

    For the mask I also used a template, HERE, but wasn’t impressed with the outcome, so I simplified it and made it my own :)

    I found spongy foam to cut the mask from, then I cut the felt to fit on top.  I used yarn to help tie it around the back of her head.  Nothing too complicated.

    For Cy’s Abe Lincoln costume I purchased a black long sleeved shirt ($6.97), four gold buttons (a two pack for .78) and a yard of black fabric made from a thicker cotton ($5.97 per yard).  When it was all said and done, I could have purchased a half yard and been fine.  I made a set of tux tails that I attached to the back of his shirt.
    I measured the width of  the base of his shirt and made sure the width coincided with the width of the tux tails.  For him, it was 14 inches from hip to hip. (seems like a lot but the shirts are loose fit so there is more fabric)

    At first I was going to use six buttons, but four seemed to be enough.  Thank God making this wasn’t rocket science.  It was so easy to measure out how far apart from the armpits I wanted to start sewing the buttons, then I made a little mark with my yellow fabric pencil.  BAM.  Then, I sewed them on.

    (too pressed for time to felt the bottom of Cy’s brim *sigh* next time)

    For the tux tails I measured 7 inches across (because once I opened it up it would be 14) then I moved down the fabric and measured 5 inches out.  From point to point, I drew a curved line. (wow, I’m so technical.  hah)

    I cut two so as to make it look a little more *finished* in the end.

    I pinned them, smooth sides together, then I cut them up the middle to create a split.  Took it to my sewing machine and sewed up all the open edges, except for the top part.  I left the top open so I could turn the fabric right side out again.  Once I did that, I attached it to the back of his shirt, on the underside.

    There is so much more I need to learn and could probably tweak these costumes to perfection, but with this mind of mine, this is what I ended up with!  :)

    very cute! the best costumes are the ones hand made :-)

    btw. . love roma’s little hip sticking out ha!

    So cute!

    Hope all goes well with your marathon on Sunday. I know it’s a mess back there right now. Stay safe!

    I just read that the NYC Marathon was canceled and immediately thought of you. I’m so bummed for you ;( I know how hard you have trained and how ready you are. Come join me in Santa Barbara next Saturday?? If only….

    2 Nov 2012, 11:16pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    I know. I know. No words…I’ll have to blog my thoughts. *heart is torn*

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