19 Nov 2012, 7:59am
cylas Of Food and Love:

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  • Of Food And Love: Why is music important?

    Don’t ever, ever think you can out think a six year old.  Ever.

    Took my baby boy on a date Friday night to a cello concert to see Maya Beiser.  Most beautiful instrument, in my opinion, out there.  I love its resonating sound, much deeper than the viola or violin and this uncanny ability to bring tears to my eyes.  Yes, I do tear up when beautiful music is played.  I can’t help it.

    So, Friday night, we’re dressed up, me and my sweet date, heading to the University when he asks, “Mama, why is music important?”  I answer, that music sometimes expresses what can not be expressed with words.
    “No, mom, WHY is it important?”

    There I am driving, feeling like I was just clothes lined with the question of the century.  My son needs to be impressed by whatever comes out of my mouth next or he’s going to think I’m stupid — that’s all that tumbles through my mind.  Then, I really pause and give it some serious thought.  Why is music important?

    And here was my short, but very well thought out answer:
    “Music is important because it’s another language that is used to tell stories by using sounds, tempo and different instruments.  It is used to express feeling too, like happiness, sadness, loneliness, anger or love.”  He was quiet.  He seemed to get it.

    We arrived ahead of time and his mind clicked into turbo mode.  Literally, there was not a moment that passed where he wasn’t touching something, pulling, smelling and asking questions.  He went up to the second floor of the building on his own, came back down and asked if we could sit up there.  Then he wanted to check out this odd looking tree plant, pulling and probing its stick like appendages (as seen HERE).

    Almost time to go in!

    Finally, the show was about to start.  The lights dimmed and the cello was spot lighted in the middle of the stage.  Maya entered and we all started clapping.   By the end of the first piece Cylas was trying to figure out what was so interesting about a woman and a cello.  That’s when I started telling him stories that these pieces could possibly be about (I had a little information from the program and I just added to it from there) .  A family in Cambodia running from the militia.  An empty flat in Israel, abandoned during the war.  Raw emotions after the attack on America during 9/11.  It’s like the light bulb turned on in his little mind and he was hooked.  Each piece came alive to him after that.  His favorite was Like Smoke.  She sings a poem in Hebrew and plays.
    The poem she sang, by Yehuda Amichai:
    God, the soul you have me
    is smoke
    Memories of love burning on eternal pyre
    Once born, we immediately begin to torch
    And so,
    Until all the smoke vanishes
    Like smoke

    Her last piece was 24 minutes long.  We left halfway through :(   Cy was pooped, sleeping (the concert started at 8pm.  His bed time is usually 8:30) and I had to get up at 5:30 the next morning.  On the way back to the house we talked about the music we heard.  He really, truly enjoyed himself.  Hearing him tell me that he was “glad [he] came” made my heart smile.

    Poor baby, tried so hard to stay awake…made it all the way to the last song and just couldn’t hold on any more.

    Hoping to continue raising my children with a love for music and the beauty it can bring into their lives.

    I love how a six year old thinks! What a great evening.

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