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    I do a lot of talking about my journey in running and I hope that it has inspired at least a few of you to take the step toward *moving it* however you choose.  But, there are so many stories out there and not every story is the same.  Running/jogging/walking means something different for each person.  Not everyone starts doing this for the same reasons and not everyone continues for the same.  Be that as it may, there is definitely one thing each of us have in common — it brings a wonderful sense of satisfaction.

    I asked a friend of mine to share her experience.  Here she is:  Amanda
    When did you start running?  I started running the summer I was 19, with a friend, and when she went back to school I totally quit. I took it up again about 3 years ago, and have been on and off with it until this past spring. Now I run about 3 or 4 times a week. I love it!!

    What was your biggest obstacle to overcome since you started?  Really my biggest obstacle to overcome is finding the time to do it when I want to. It’s hard to run with a 3 year old who makes a jogging stroller really heavy.

    How do you motivate yourself to GET OUT THERE!  I think the more you run the more you want too and if it’s been a couple of days since I have run, I have to get out and do it for my sanity. The scale is a big motivator too. It helps me maintain my weight and not gain!

    Do you have a running partner? If not, is it hard to run alone?  I have a girl from church who runs with me during races. It is so nice to have someone beside me at the starting line. She’s actually the one who got me started back into running. During the week I usually run alone, I actually enjoy “my time” alone. If you have kids, you probably understand this.

    What is the furthest distance you’ve run?  The furthest distance I have run so far is 6 miles.

    Most memorable race moment:  My most memorable race moment is the first time I ran a 5k. I was terribly slow, but when I came across that finish line, it was the best feeling of accomplishment.
    My second most memorable running moment was the first time I ran 5 miles without stopping. I was at my last mile and really feeling it. I thought how nice it would be to have people lining the trail cheering me on, when I came across someones backyard and there were twin babies, probably about 1, standing there with their little chunky bellies sticking out. When they saw me, they started clapping and yelling gibberish. It gave me that extra energy to finish my run with a smile on my face.

    Running goals for the future:  My running goals for next year are somewhat lofty, but I’m excited about them. I want be able to do the 15k Tulsa Run next fall, and at some point next year I want to do a half marathon! Big plans! I can’t wait ’til spring!

    What would you say to women who want to start running but have doubts?  If you think you would be interested in running, I say go for it! Start with a 5k program and take your time…don’t beat yourself up over your timing, you will get there! Have fun with it! Running is a great way to make new friends too!

    The first picture is myself and Michelle, my running pal!

    The second it just me right before my last race in October.

    Great job, Amanda! So nice to meet you.

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