17 Dec 2012, 4:31pm
Of Food and Love recipes:

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  • Of Food And Love: Homemade Mayonnaise and Ranch Dressing

    This was my second attempt at making mayonnaise.  My first attempt went well, it turned perfect but the taste wasn’t to my liking.  I used Julia Child’s recipe which called for olive oil, but I’m betting that the olive oil she used was much more pure than the stuff I have.  So, the mayo was used sparingly and eventually wasted :(

    But then I found another recipe and fell in love.  Now, I’m sure if I replicated Julia Child’s version using vegetable oil instead of olive oil it would be fantastic.

    Either way, here is the way I currently make mayonnaise.  It doesn’t take but 5 minutes and you have perfectly whipped, creamy, slightly tangy mayonnaise sauce.  I really think it’s unfair to call this mayo because it doesn’t taste at all like the store bought stuff we’ve become accustomed to.

    Now, you have to use this within two weeks.  It’s not chalk full of preservatives like the bottles we get at the store.  Nice, right?  I have a little rule that I try really hard to follow and for the most part I do — If it can last longer than two weeks in the fridge, it shouldn’t be there.

    Eating as fresh and healthy as possible has its long term benefits.

    These recipes aren’t an exact science, homemade cooking at its best — enjoy!

    Homemade mayonnaise ::  courtesy of The West Ladies

    1 cup oil divided

    Pour 1/4 of oil in the blender

    1 Tb vinegar

    1 egg

    1 tsp salt

    1 Tb lemon juice (no lemon? 2 Tb vinegar)

    Blend all ingredients (except the last 3/4 cup of oil) Blend low for 5 seconds.  Then, slowly add remaining 3/4 oil.  Stop immediately after the last drop of oil is added.


    For the Ranch Dressing::
    Onion powder

    Garlic powder


    Parsley flakes


    Honey (optional)

    Thin the mayo down with buttermilk.  About 2 Tb.  Add honey (optional and to taste).  Add a little onion powder (pinch).  Garlic powder (1/4 tsp). Parsley (pinch). Oregano (pinch).

    Okay this is the best mayo and ranch dressing! I made it tonight and it was great!!! Only question is how does it compare calorie-wise to store brand mayo? We usually buy the low fat kind, but no more of that for us! Thanks so much for sharing.

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