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  • Mommy Hobbies: Christmas Mittens Tutorial

    I feel complete now.  Finally.  FINALLY.  I crafted, I sewed and all in the month of December :)

    Well, it’s the week before Christmas and I realized that I did not do anything for my children’s teachers!  Uhg.  A while ago I saw a picture that showed a hand, a sweater and said, “Make Your Own Mittens”.  And by a while ago, I mean months.  Thankfully, my poor memory recalled this photo and I knew that my problem had been solved.  Mittens for all!

    Yesterday I went thrifting and picked up three sweaters for a total of $7.50.  Sometimes it’s hard to me to envision a finished product when I’m using a preconstructed piece of material.  But, I did my best and tried not to second guess myself.

    To start, I dug out a nice warm and fuzzy piece of material for the lining of the mittens from my stash.  I would say this is a soft slub sweater type of material.  It’s not thick and would drape well.
    I folded it so I would create two mittens in one cut.  I used a Sharpie to put dots on either side of the widest part of my hand.   This was for the opening.  I needed the opening of the mitten to be able to fit every part of my hand through.  It couldn’t be only as wide as my wrist.  Does that make sense?

    Then, I scooted my hand up and traced around it, making room for seam allowances.  So they are quite large with at least a half inch all the way around my hand and thumb. (here is baby girl’s hand as an example)

    Then I set them on the sweater.  This happened to be a sweater for a six year old boy.  And I made two perfectly fuzzy mittens for my daughter’s bus driver out of it!

    Cut around the lining, through the sweater.  All the way through, both sides of the sweater.

    Then, sew the lining to each individual piece of the mitten.  Fuzzy lining facing you and the inside of the sweater facing the BACK of the fuzzy lining.  Like so…

    Repeat with the other half of the mitten, then place the RIGHT sides (what will be visible on the outside once they are on your hands) of the mittens together.  Sew.

    Viola!  If you have 45 minutes, then you’ll want to slip this project right in.  I made these and was so delighted with the outcome.  SUPER easy and just my style.  Handmade goodness.  Nothing like it :)

    I am going to make these for my neices and nephews! Great project :)

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