31 Dec 2012, 6:59am
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  • Chronicles: I’d Like To Say Goodbye

    It has been one memorable year.  And I’d like to say goodbye to a few things.

    I’d like to say goodbye to the hurt, pain, and fear I suffered.
    I’d like to say goodbye to misjudgments of me, cruelty, and the gossip.
    I’d like to say goodbye to taking things personally, or too personally, and self-doubt.
    I’d like to say goodbye to the mistakes I made (and for which I take full responsibility)
    I’d like to say goodbye to focusing outside of myself, on the wrong things.  Focusing on what others think of me or how they choose to see me.
    I’d like to, finally, say goodbye to the friendships I lost due to misunderstandings and disappointments.

    I’d like to say goodbye because there is no place for that in my life anymore.

    I’d like to say hello to the lessons I learned in compassion, faith, and love.
    I’d like to say hello to a focused mind,  renewed vision, and contentment.
    I’d like to say hello to new friends, old friendships that were strengthened, and a new self-awareness.
    I’d like to say hello to a new found confidence in myself and my abilities.
    I’d like to say hello to the deeper dedication I have for my family now.
    I’d like to say hello.

    Hello, to all these wonderful bits of knowledge and strength.

    I’d like to thank this year for giving me the lessons of a life time.  Combined with last year I don’t think I’ll ever forget this time in my life, ever.  Thinking about where I am now gives me great joy and I thank each situation for coming into my life because I took from each a well needed lesson.

    God knew there were parts of me that could never be touched or reached without these experiences.  Thank you, God.  Your ways are not my ways and your thoughts are far above my thoughts.

    I leave this year behind grateful, stronger, more passionate, more focused.

    Hello 2013.
    These are not New Year’s resolutions, but acknowledgments.  My life has changed courses and I’d like to recognize that, publicly.
    Hello 2013.

    And one last note, I’d like to thank my husband.  Words can not express the gratitude, they just are not adequate enough, really.  I know you’re not sappy so I’ll just stop.  I love you.

    Love it!!!! Lets say HELLO together!!!

    31 Dec 2012, 10:02am
    by Jose R. Lopez


    This is great way to end the yeara nd bring in the New Year. You have a infectious way of looking at life. Build upon the experiences you have and the ones you will have. Have a prosperous Ndew Year filled with all that God has for you.

    I salute you, good woman. Goodbye, 2012…Hello, 2013. Let’s go! Forward march.

    These are such cute photos! And I loved your post!! What a great way to say good bye and hello! :)

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