7 Jan 2013, 8:36am
Chronicles Of A Stay At Home Mom

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    Sorry, but the cliche fit.
    I just sent both of my babies off to school and I noticed yet another positive change in myself toward them.

    It’s no secret that I have patience issues.  Haha.  But, somewhere along the line the little seeds I planted were watered and grew into a legit characteristic of maternal patience.  Lately, I’ve been making myself be patient.  Roma spilled her chocolate milk the other day, ok, not that big of a deal, I was calm, mopping up the milk from the floor, chair and island, but then, she spilled it again, I started out patient but didn’t stay that way.  She cried and I felt marginally bad for not keeping a smile on my face.  But, seriously?  I had JUST cleaned up!  So, I am a work in progress, but I enjoy where I’m at now.  It’s much easier to be a mom when I’m exercising the art of holding my tongue and smiling through highly irritating situations.

    School mornings can get me going.  Cylas is the king of staring off into space after I’ve told him to either put his socks on or brush his teeth or whatever.  I get to the point that I irritate myself with all of the gentle reminders.  The sound of my voice grates on me.  And Roma is a moody diva.  But somewhere along this maternal journey I decided to change how I looked at his propensity to become distracted and Roma’s horrible morning moods.  Now, I’m like a ninja who knows how to do Jedi mind tricks.
    I move quietly in and out of the rooms without attaching myself to the frustration of their whines or distracted stares and before any of us know it, they are ready for school and I still have my sanity.   To be honest, I think it’s because I’m sharing my patience with them.  I tend to be selfish so forcing myself to dig deep and share this wonderful virtue has been a blessing.  I’m truly learning to cherish my family which is having a direct effect on what I give to them from within myself.

    Love is funny like that.  Because I’m so in love with my family, I don’t mind pushing my own limits and watching the beautiful results of patience, kindness, compassion, understanding and awareness springing up.
    It’s most definitely not easy for me and I make a mess of myself all the time, but I am determined to grow in all of these areas so I welcome the path I must take.

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