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Chronicles Of A Stay At Home Mom cylas romalise:

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  • Chronicles: I wish I was more mom-tastic

    So, every once in a while I go through these phases where I’m wishing, and hoping and pleading that something fantastic would hit me upside the head and turn me into this really amazing mom.

    I’m a boring mother.  Totally owning it.  I.am.boring.

    I love crafting and making things for my children, but I don’t know how to let my hair down and get super silly.  I can’t think of fantastic games to play on lazy summer days.  I would rather cook than have to think of a game to play.  I’m being brutally honest.  (pretty sure that’s evident by now)

    Motherhood has reached a different stage for me and I’m at a complete loss.  It has come to my attention that I know NOTHING about parenting a seven year old boy and color me pink because, I ALSO know nothing about parenting a four year old tomboy princess either.  It’s all turning on me, this *parenthood* stuff.  All of it.  Somehow, I find myself wishing my little boy knew more than he does, that he would listen and LEARN, so I wouldn’t have to repeat myself.

    And my little girl, her hands fly to her hips quicker than a six-shooter pro and she can scream a gale of wind into a room.  (a defense mechanism she developed from being the only girl playing in the company of four boys, all older than she)

    My children have turned into super power infused beings and I don’t quite know what to do with them.  Lost.

    There is one consolation — I learned to adapt to all of the other phases.  My time will come with these.

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