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    Have you ever craved salad?  Like, a really healthy one, not doused in heavy, unhealthy dressings but simply ruffage with a side of crunchy carrot, succulent cucumbers and juicy cherry tomatoes?  Oohh, I do.  And then, I’m still hungry.  My body knows that it needs protein but it’s not in the mood for meat.  So, when I found this recipe over at Love Veggies, I fell in love even before the first bite, because I could add what ever veggies I wanted and satisfy my body’s need for those yummy vitamins and proteins packed into things like red cabbage, carrots, broccoli and beans.

    This should grace the table of every home.  Truly easy, fast and healthy.  If you buy fresh vegetables regularly, then you should be able to make this tonight.

    I rustled up some of my fav veggies and smiled at all the happy colors I was about to put into my pot.
    I could have added more veggies, but decided to play it safe.
    Our neighbor, at the end of our street, has his own bees and every year we end up with a few jars of the most delicious honey.  I put 2 TB of that into the mix.
    When my sister visited last, she introduced me to this delectable mango chutney that we slathered over the top of a block of cream cheese.  It added such incredible flavor to this dish.  Not really a fan of mango but it blended so well, that I couldn’t complain.
    And here are the rest of the ingredients.  It calls for a “blended spice” of your choice and all I had on hand was Cajun.  Oh, my.  My mouth was kickin’.  I only added a dash or two and it was enough to make the whole dish sizzle.
    The end result was a little homely looking, but so tasty and healthy.  My kids loved it, too.  That’s even better.

    Mango & Balsamic Rice, Beans, & Mixed Vegetables (courtesy of Love Veggies)


    1 c dry rice  *I used white, Jasimine*
    1 can beans *I used pinto*
    1 to 2 cups mixed veggies *red cabbage, broccoli and carrots*
    1/3 c Mango Chutney/Salsa (or use jelly, i.e. mango, apricot, peach; or try a sweet-ish fruit-based salsa or chutney)
    1 Tbsp Balsamic Vinegar (or regular, rice wine)
    1 Tbsp Seasoning Blend *I used Cajun spicy!*
    2 Tbsp Honey
    2 Tbsp EVOO (optional)
    Cook the rice as directed on the box (with water and optional butter) until about 85% done.  (For me, this took about 8 minutes)
    Add everything else, stir, cover and simmer for another few minutes until liquid is absorbed or your vegetables are done to your liking.  (For me, this was about 4 more minutes)

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