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  • Chronicles: Love Notes

    I used to have pen pals as a young girl.  I loved writing to my friends both near and far.

    Sharing my thoughts in exchange for another’s was exhilarating.  When my two pages letters to Jeremy or Amanda or John were answered with two pages of their own thoughts, it was like gold in my sixteen year old hands.

    I cherish those memories.

    As my son gets older, I catch him doing things like me.  Saturday he asked me for help with writing a note to Pasha.

    “I love you, Pasha.  You are my bestfriend and you can be in my club.”

    Complete with some toys and a shell in an envelope.

    Sealed with a few licks and hand delivered.

    I got a little emotional watching my boy being so loving and vulnerable with his buddy.  Moments like these are most often found in the innocence of youth…because as the years go by, the innocence leaves and selfish, self-centered motives are more prevalent.  If only there were more people in our lives to whom we could readily write love notes, right?  How many times have I wished that I could write a note to the person who was using me as a scratching post, or a teether, or a punching bag.  A little compassion, kindness, mercy, or manners, please?  Sometimes, I tenderly wish for the days when my relationships were innocent and the only thing my friend wanted was to play Polly Pockets or Barbies — not a piece of my soul or my peace of mind.

    The other week I sent out four separate notes to friends near and far letting them know what they meant to me.

    Nostalgia?  Most likely.  Rewarding?  Most definitely.

    “Manners are the sensitive awareness of the feelings of others, if you have that awareness you have good manners.”  — Emily Post

    Thank you Emily Post.  Now we all know, that good manners do NOT hinge on my opinion or yours.  Good manners are good manners.  Bottom line.


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