26 Dec 2011, 12:13pm
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  • Of Food And Love: Christmas in NYC

    Not sure when I’ll be able to label another post like this.  This year was really special.  It’s our last year living back East and I wanted to make sure that our kids were able to spend the holiday with their grandpa.  Our kids love, love their grandpa.
    We also tied in my birthday with this visit.  It’s technically just after Christmas, but it’s ok.  Here a day there a day ;)

    Our first family adventure was Spiderman.  Of course, Cylas, the one who wears Spiderman everyyythinngg, was beside himself.  As we were walking through the city waiting for the show to start Cylas decided that he didn’t really like New York because there was too much trash.  But, the next day, he came to terms and declared that he “loved New York”. 

    This trip was relaxing and much, much different than any other family trip we’ve taken so far.  Cylas is growing up and really making our family time quite interesting.  He talks a lot (no surprise there).  But when he talks it’s pretty funny, because he sees the world so simply, not in layers like we adults.  For instance, my dad lives on Staten Island and he refers to that as the “small town” and when we’re in Manhattan he asks if we’re in the “big town” now.  He wondered why the subway was always underground and if it ever came out.

    He’s very observant too.  On one of our drives back to my dad’s place he spied the Verrazano Narrows bridge and asked if it was the Brooklyn bridge.  What?  When did we talk about the Brooklyn bridge and how did he know it was nearby??

    Friday night we went out for my 31st birthday *gasp*.  I know.  I’m not lying, and I’m fully aware that I look like a 20 year old.  Please, hold the jokes. :)
    Twitter is an amazing tool.  That was how I found out about La Esquina (The Corner).  Another mother runner, Gia, helped me out and suggested this fabulous, fabulous restaurant nestled in the heart of SoHo.  Omgsoh.  I can’t wait to go back.

    After dinner we went back uptown to see the tree!  Ahhhhg, there really is nothing like it.  Ok, and because we went on Friday, two days before Christmas there really IS nothing like that.  Masses and masses of people, pushing, and plodding forward.  We decided to just stay on the back half of the tree where there were only two million people instead of three million people.  Gosh.

    If you only knew what it took to take these pics, you would laugh and laugh.  We literally had people lined up on either side of us waiting until we were done.

    We also met up with some good friends (and one of my faithful readers) while they were celebrating their 40th anniversary.

    And then we were off…took more shots with a better view of the tree in the background and a lot less people around.  You end up doing favors for people in an atmosphere like that.  You scratch my back I scratch yours…we took a few people’s pictures and they helped by taking ours.

    those "favors" I was talking about

     I love New York in the Christmas time…

    My dad decorated the tree and made everything so cozy for us.  Thank you dad.  It was such a memorable and special time.  You really went out of your way to make sure everything was “just right”.

    Side note: Cylas read the word “breakfast” all on his own out of the cookbook he got for Christmas.  It was amazing!!

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