21 Nov 2011, 9:00am
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  • MIY Holiday Decorations: Thrifty Candle Pillars-Painting the town….BLUE! (GUEST POST)

    ::Please, don’t forget to ENTER the Handmade Goodness Giveaway!::
    I am so excited about this guest post.  Kari and I go way, way back.  She’s an amazing, homeschooling mother of four, preacher’s wife and creative mind extraordinaire.   You can visit her over HERE.  She’s also a fabulous photographer who recently found another hobby — running.  Both are expensive hobbies, but, and I speak from experience, so worth it.
    Now, without further ado…Kari!
    Give me a can of spray paint and watch out world! Kids, dogs, hubby stay clear unless you want to end up looking like genies!
    Here is a simple way to dress up your holiday table without breaking the bank. I love centerpieces and candle pillars are definitely one of my favorite items to incorporate as they keep the clutter up above the table while at the same time lift up the beauty of your awesome decor!
    I had this set of white candle pillars which were nice, no big complaints about them; however, I thought they were too tall and skinny and could only hold a regular sized candle and that was boring. Another thing is I only had two, and I am a huge proponent of odd numbers…we have to have three or five of everything. So I was at thrift store and snagged these little wooden candle holders-they are the type for single skinny candles….yuck. I don’t like those. Well I’m sure they have their niche in the decor world but all I can see is them flopping over into my syrup on Christmas morning.
    So these pillars definitely needed some adjustments if they were going to work for me. I paid $1.49 for them. Then I found these cute little wooden plates. ($1.59 for the bag) Someone had began an interesting but failed project of painting snowmen on them…the painted wooden bowl was interesting to me as well so I snatched it up too. (I actually think it’s rather cute how it was but for the sake of thrifty holiday decor it has been subjected to the spray paint rampage.)
    Bought a few goodies at Walmart…Krylon spray paint and ever so handy E-6000 glue. (so toxic but works so well)
    Then I got to work. Simply sprayed these suckers with a light first coat. Once that dried I went for a second on everything but the wooden bowl. I liked how the wood grain showed through the first coat of paint so I left it for a rustic feel.
    Then got out the glue and put the plates face down on the table and glued the candlesticks to the center bottom of each plate. I let them dry overnight.
    Then the next morning I turned them right side up, did a little touch up paint and added my mason jars filled with epsom salts and a small pillar candle and handmade candle rings. (another tut for these coming soon)
    Since I like sets of odd numbers and I had an extra candle pillar, I put the wooden bowl on one for a great coffee table centerpice. Filled with epsom salts and pinecones…and a red glittery bow.
    Okay now that I’m done here are a few pointers I wish I’d done differently. Spray paint. Meh. First of all, it’s messy. Secondly, colors are quite limited. Thirdly, girls like me who want things done fast and now get drips and runs. You have to go slow with spray paint! So I recommend acrylic craft paint. Also, Walmart only had glossy which I also would not choose again. I think a nice matte would be more attractive. I may add a little stain or something to these to “roughen’ them up a bit.
    I can’t wait to do more things like this!!!
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