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  • MIY Deco: Front Door Deco Piece

    Everyone, please welcome Kari again.  She will be posting here once a month (or twice if the craft-fairy sprinkles her with dust) sharing all her cute ideas for making thrifty pieces for around the house.  She blogs over HERE.

    Well here we are folks, Christmas and New Years are safely behind us. Down comes the sparkles and glitter and if you are like me, you are scrambling for ways to dress up your home to replace the holiday cheer.

    I am not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. I rather dislike seeing the cheesy pink and red paper heart paraphernalia as I’m snagging my last minute Christmas stuff, it just is a glaring reminder that time ticks uncontrollably and quickly, and that the big money sucking department stores are just lurking, waiting for the moment when Christmas and New Years is over so that the big spenders will start shelling out the dough for the pink and red.

    I’m not saying I don’t enjoy a pink cookie or a box of chocolates, I’m just not super duper into it and don’t go all out decor wise for the day.

    With that being said, there is still a need for a January/February wreath or piece for the front door. This is what I came up with. I had seen something similar on Pinterest in a Christmas style; however, I never got around to making it so I tweaked it for this month, and can see a great deal of variations of this in the future!

    First stop, thrift store! Who can pass up a beautiful picture frame like this for a mere $3? Certainly not I.

    Second item….I wanted something rustic and natural to accent the elegant/vintagey looking frame. I thought about it for sometime and may have settled for something available for purchase, however, I live in a remote little town that requires my driving 20 minutes to shop for anything besides groceries or necessities, (I purchased the frame a few months ago) so I felt inclined to rummage through my stash and I remembered that my basmati rice comes in a nifty burlap bag that might possibly could make a swell looking bow.

    Thirdly, I dug into my Christmas decorations for some pine cones. This idea came to me after much mulling over. I had other thoughts as to what to use but pine cones are ever so wintery and earthy and that is just what I wanted for January.

    Add some acrylic craft paint, (my favorite color blue that I mixed myself) some kitchen twine, hot glue, my sewing machine, and rotary cutter and I am all set. Oh….and my SEVEN year old, as she took all the photos!

    First off, I painted the frame. I painted it very sloppily on purpose. I left the original gold of the frame showing through in many places.

    While the paint dried, my photographer and I headed upstairs to my sewing area and worked on the burlap bunny trail project. (this project would be much easier with ready made ribbon; but be grateful you get a tut within a tut here!)

    We first used the rotary cutter to cut the top and sides off the bag. Then we measured carefully and cut the body of the bag into four 3 inch strips.

    I sewed these end to end creating about 2.5 yards of burlap ribbon. (we won’t discuss the several times I accidentally sewed the wrong sides together)

    Being the over achiever and spoiled crafter that I am, I adore wired ribbon so I took a leap of faith that this endeavor would work and I used a zig zag stitch and applied a thin wire to the edges of the ribbon. This was a little time consuming but it worked out well! I was very pleased to have created my very own crafters wired burlap ribbon. I was torn as to which side to use, whether the printed on or the plain side, but I chose the plain as I didn’t want it to be too busy. (some print shows which I think is just enough whimsy to make it interesting)

    After this step, I cut a piece about 10 inches and set aside for later. Then I created a bow with my new ribbon. I made a simple center loop-double loop bow with tails long enough to curl. (about 18 inches) I also cut the ends on a diagonal which is how I treat all my bodacious wired ribbon bows. (I am not a priss-pot/frilly girl but I do like a fat bow made with wired ribbon, perhaps I’ll do a tutorial on those soon)

    Using kitchen twine and hot glue, I glued lengths of about 18 inches to each of the 5 pine cones. (I favor odd numbers)

    I then used the remainder of the burlap ribbon to create a hanging loop on the backside of a corner of the frame.

    I gathered the now dry pine cones on a string and arranged them in a pleasing pattern. Then I wrapped the strings around the center of the bow, sort of like a bunch of balloons but hanging down instead of floating up.

    Then I glued the bow to the front of the frame on the same corner if put the hanger.

    Voila!!!!! My whimsical and funky new home decor piece!

    Love it! Not only do I love this, I like the potential it presents and the ideas I have brewing as to what else I can do along these lines.

    If I had a store nearby I might like to add some sparkly snow or something to the pine cones….and maybe some little branches or something added to the burlap bow. But for now this will suit me just fine. I am thinking maybe…just maybe a little Valentine something could be sneaked in……”


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